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When The Food Channel has more viewers than CNN you know people are catching onto their bullshit.

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Pancakes are far more believable than Anderson Cooper.

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The Obesity rates in America are sky-high so it makes sense that the Food Network would have higher ratings than CNN anyway 💁

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Ancient aliens beats cnn

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Fph crybaby nigger detected.

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The hotel I'm staying at has CNN playing 24/7 in the lobby. That and airports are their main veiwership. Some people seated around it at breakfast were having a "conversation" that consisted of nothing but MSM narrative word vomit and obvious Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Fucking dumbass sheep.

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No 1 rule of 2nd rate journalism: "don't let the facts get in the way of a good story".

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"Suspect wanted for murder in Mexico arrested at gas station" would have been a more realistic headline. But screw the facts.

As you can see by the other comments (((they))) are not happy with your off-narrative post.

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I don't care if this illegal fucker was going to the hospital to song and dance for the cancer kids whole saving people's lives and his record was spotless. If he's here illegally, arrest his ass, deport him, and rough him up a bit while you're at it. Fuck the implication that his other crimes somehow make this ok but it wouldn't be otherwise. No. It was always ok regardless.

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He was Iced Iced with his baby.

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He was cruisin in his 5.0, ragtop down so his... face wanted for murder in Mexico... could show.

Pregnant wife on standby. He's locked up, so no driveby.

ICE ICEd with his baby.

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https://archive.fo/Whix2 :

Media Omits Key Detail About ICE Arresting Man Who Took Wife To Hospital For C-Section | Daily Wire

'Here are some of the headlines featured by the media:The Washington Post: "ICE arrested a man driving his pregnant wife to give birth. '

'Agents arrested murder suspect Joel Arrona-Lara when he stopped to get gas while taking his wife, Maria del Carmen Venegas, to the hospital so she could give birth. '

'On Saturday, dozens of media outlets reported that federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents arrested an illegal alien who was taking his wife to the hospital to deliver their baby — but they conveniently left out one key detail: the man was a wanted murder suspect. ', "Many media outlets ran with misleading headlines that conveyed a sense of brutality and inhumanity as the political Left is currently trying to demonize ICE. Many publications didn't even include the fact Arrona-Lara was a homicide suspect in their reports."

'She drove herself to the hospital."'

This has been an automated message.

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Man, you need to work on those writing skills. Your title is the way a bitch ass redditor would write. "Am I wrongggg? Please, please validate me you guys, mwah mwah pweeeeeease give me approval!" Just state your point and let it stand or fall on its own.

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Virtue signaling. That's all it is. Notice the account age, lack of ccp, and comments from OP on this post. A clearer picture starts to get painted of what they're trying to do. Too bad for them farming SCP is pointless.

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Nope, that's why. I wonder if any of them mentioned it at all. NBC at least had the decency.

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