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The purpose of sexual harassment laws is to keep white men away from white women.

Sexual harassment works, therefore it is banned, for white men only. White men are relegated to shit like " are you doing this weekend" and getting in trouble for that.

Meanwhile moslem perverts are pimping out 12 year old white girls, grabbing asses all day and uploading the sex videos to social media. Nobody says shit about it or they go to prison. lol


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i remember a situation where we had a dude that kept showing up at our shopping centre who we knew damn well was taking upskirt shots but was hiding it well. cant remember exactly what was going down but literally all we could do was walk around near him so he knew we were there until he left. he works out that all he is doing is pissing people off because it was literally wasting our fucking time but we couldnt just leave him be. moved on. got the shit kicked out of him somewhere else by less professional people.

same thing with sudanese teens. if more than two of them showed up together they were about to do something. it always resulted two dudes walking backwards about 20 feet in front of them and another two following up 20 feet behind and not going any closer. they knew we were watching. closest i came to actually getting myself fucked over was a night shift, walking with one of my seniors behind about 5 of them out past our carpark. group splits in two, we follow up behind, group im following eventually doubles back towards me. "Hey bro just want to talk to you" - thats probably the only time in what, 15/16 years ive really noped out of anything with that job, straight back on the radio, asking him to withdraw back to where i saw him last. Heads screaming '*do not run. do not run. do not run." thank fuck my senior gets within eyesight before these fuckwits catch up to me and we are back to being able to push them away again... guaran-fucking-tee you i barely avoided a severe stabbing that night. i was armed so at least 2 of them would have been severely fucked up but i may not have walked away from that.