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I tried this and got a hell of a rash. I prefer to highlight my favorite passages and leave the book somewhere. Don't forget it's also fun to troll like a true believer, Just take it to the extreme so the sheeple question there own beliefs. The wonderful world of the Landover Baptist Ministries will help save us all. God Bless........

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Do you have any thoughts about Jehovah's Witnesses?

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I am generally willing to talk to them, and the Mormons when they come knocking. The issue is that they take most of the book literally. This leaves a lot of opportunity to add some self deserved cracks to the facade that they see the world. I got the anointed bible and can quote the contradictions from memory. The Rape, sacrifice and downright hatred that the toddle god demands from the believers..... They have yet to even impress me a little with the poor debate skills. Now I just let them know the door they are opening, and what my knowledge is. I will have a discussion with them but know I have researched them and others for years. 11,000 religions on the planet. And you pick the one where you celebrate nothing in life. No Birthday's, Chrismas, Easter, You can't show joy to anyone but God. Only men have a say as woman have to remain silent.They also hide sexual abuse from the public, If reported the elders make the decision. Only 144,000 will see the pearly gates according to them. God is infallible and know all, Why did he question himself after the flood. Did he not know the outcome if true. If you are religious and that's your thing, Good for you. Please keep your toy's on your side of the fence. I don't play well with religion.
Now I have a sign on my Door. Attention Door Knockers. I charge a fee of $9.99 a minute to listen to Political, Religious, and Sales Calls, I don't have pity if your selling cookies with child labor. This will be compounded immediately when you knock. That or picture of a frog: Hippity, Hoppity, Get off my fucking property.