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Because only whites are actually persecuted and they just dont commit that many crimes.

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White liberal shithole

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bringing 3rd world shithole governance to first world countries

UK should serve as a strong reminder of this

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Budget cuts an increase in the workload associated with complex crimes such as child grooming and sexual exploitation have been blamed for the collapse.

I don't know why this would matter, they don't prosecute those crimes either.

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I agree, solving crimes in the UK is complex. If a [[[truck of peace]]] plows into a square full of people, now you need to fabricate an entire story to ensure muslims are in the clear. Not easy you know...

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What do you expect if you run the police force down and close police stations?

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Not one fucking downvote! Not even on voat ffs! Are you kidding me.. at least one jew can down vote this

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not this jew

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Yes, this is a kind of natural law...

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Western countries need to follow China's 'social credit' system in this regard and the beauty of the system is that wrongdoers aren't given the chance of being forgiven by a soppy judicial officer:


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If you instituted that system in the west it would be used to hand out restrictions to whites for "hate speech"

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Id rather live under sharia then the beta male credit system china has. China is still a gynocetric system.

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I wouldn't go that far, but it's still a dystopian mess.

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The system wont be applied to browns or it will be like college and the paki needs to fuck up 10x worse before getting maybe half the score deduction.