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Know your enemy.

The SPLC's Heidi Beirich specifically advocates and approves of "Whites A Minority By 2050" again in the following.

Europe's Overseer of White Genocide Via ((( Multiculturalism ))) also cites this 2050 date repeatedly here...

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Wow! Nice presentation. Great effort. What should we call you? Voatiki? Kosherpedia? Kiketionary?

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My vote is on:


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Kosher Hive Kicker says it nicely

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That Feel When Green Day is socially relevant.

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...just your daily friendly reminder that(if on mobile pls view reddit in 'desktop mode') all roads lead to rome (meaning that everythin the ((())) do already has rome's blessing).

And also a reminder that the first russian communist collective, was led by the (((ashkenazi))), or so we have been deluded to believe. they were not jews, but Edomites, who were hated by the israelites. Rome can put a spin on anything.

They are very active even here on voat.

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Goddamn this government is turning out better and better. Trump 2020

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Well Trump is the actual real deal, if we got a little shit like Jeb or Rubio we'd be going on the same path as Obama

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Trump is far from perfect.

Trump will never confront The Israel Lobby, or even take one single dollar away from the Zio-Kikes taxpayer funded welfare checks.

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Look, jackass, never say never. You don't actually know a goddamned thing unless you know the person themselves.

You can estimate, assume, precipitate... All you want. Just wait and see and stop being a fucking chicken little.

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I'd ask for a better source than this somewhat fake news looking site that only links to itself and a fake news site that links to more fake news...

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If it turns out to be fake news I'd support Voat banning that domain.

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B-but sessions arrests pot smokers...

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Jeff Sessions did something?

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points you stole my response. Edit: some voat shill is stalk downvoating me.

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Good call on this but he still needs to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the clinton email fiasco

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Jeff Sessions actually did something I can respect. Wow.

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The announcement? I'm sure that was his only contribution.

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Hah! Probably.

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Have you seen his work on cleaning the brown vermin out of our country? Give credit where credit is due.

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Trump is far from perfect, but this would never happen under Hillary. It wouldn't happen under the spineless Gary Johnson either.

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Gary Johnson is pro prison for profit so fuck him anyhow

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Globalist democrat Gary Johnson?

Yeah, no thanks.

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Next step is to put AIPAC under foreign lobbying rules like every other lobbying group working for other countries.

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Yes and there's still more tentacles left to chop off.

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Shapeshifters will shift shapes, yet again. See: NAACP

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Shifting shapes is costly. Stepping on annoying cockroaches is not.

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My money is on a pro-women/pro-trans group, perhaps they will ally with NAMBLA.

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((They)) sure love thier acronyms. Anybody have a complete list???

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thank you what took so long

keep an eye open for the next (((organization))) to pop up

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