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It's why I voted for him. He's not perfect, but he is still the best president I've ever had. This country was, and still is, at risk to being taken over by satanists. Trump is protecting us from them.

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He's way to friendly with the Jews to my taste, but at least the gay nigger and his tranny husband are out of the Oval office.

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absolutely correct

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I am not disagreeing with him because he makes a valid and good point, but we know about fake news how rotten they. There are bigger fish to fry now.

What about internet censorship? They need to start planning how to fix that so everyone gets their fair chance to speak their mind and not just Democrats.

What about banks and MasterCard denying service to people for no other reason than they don't like their political stance? I think he should Tweet more about they to raise awareness of it.

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He has to go slow or else they'll shoot him.

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For only two years into his first term he's took care of so many important issues and took us away from the brink of a nuclear war with North Korea. He's working pretty fast compared to any recent president

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He already mentioned the censorship multiple times in the last 3 days

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Yes. Very good Tweet. We actually have a president figuring for our interests.

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I bet now CNN is especially sorry they helped build the 'fake news' brand with their BFF Hilldog and her 1.3 billion Presidential campaign loss.

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MAGA. It takes a true American hero to reluctantly become a politician. Imagine being a billionaire with a great wife and family and giving it all up 24/7 to live with death threats to them all to try to do the right thing for humanity.

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How about he actually does his job, then?


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the mainstream media is a clear and present danger to America!

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How about he actually does his job, then?

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Yeah... he still hasn’t put Soros in Gitmo, used to party with the Clintons, and fly with Epstein. His ability to sit down with Diane Feinstein, burn Alex Jones, and disloyalty to Steve Bannon should make everyone think twice about his pretty words.

Just say’n, Mr. President is a Honey Pot.

President Honey Pot of the Golden Hair

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