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White man so much as looks at a nigger: arrest and lawsuit

Nigger scalps a white kid: just a prank bro why you mad

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Chilling Effect or Accelerationism? Sheep or lions? At this point I can't tell what they want. Probably playing both sides.
Some will submit, some will act out. A prepared narrative awaits for both outcomes.

Niggers have to go. They'll never not be a tool of division and social unrest.

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Jews only adore one thing, and that is money. They play all sides and compete to see who has received a better growth in investment. Also kill white genome, they are too smart and can smell their stink from afar. Bonus points if they are Christian, the made up religion they created 2000+- years ago.

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I got charged will all kinds of crap when exercising free speech.

Dismissed in like 10 sec. before judge then lawsuits against the complainer ; get some easy $$$

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what do you lawsuit complainer for?

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Probably harassment, frivolity, defamation. I'm sure you could come up with something.

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Yeah, would gas.

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The officer said he heard Sheehan screaming “You (expletive) animals, shooting (expletive) in my neighborhood. I pay a mortgage, get the (expletive) out of my neighborhood. This is my (expletive) neighborhood.”

He's probably gonna get charged with a hate crime for calling them animals rather than dropping f-bombs.

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Then his defense is real simple and rests on the fact that all humans ARE animals. We are all multicellular eukaryotes and therefore all of the Animalia kingdom. Shouting at animals that they're fucking animals isn't a slur or hate, it's fact. He should win this easily.

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His defense should be that the first amendment of the constitution

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I hope you're right.

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No, his defense rests on the fact that this is America, and in America it is not illegal to yell at niggers.

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Fucking sick of this world

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Go out and night and shoot random niggers. Don’t bring your phone

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Fuck off faggot.

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You cannot criticize blacks.

You cannot call them names, even names that have nothing to do with them being black.

You cannot compare them to gorillas, water buffaloes, monkeys, chimps, rats, dogs, or any other animals,

You cannot curse at them.

You cannot even look at them cross ways.

Of course they can do all these things to YOU.

But YOU must continously and loudly worship them and plead for their favor because some white guy forced one of their distant ancestors to work for no money a couple of centuries ago.

And that's it white man. You suck and you must pay and debase yourself forever.

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Or you can move to Asia/Eastern Europe and join the locals to discriminate against niggers just like in good old times.

Need I remind you that without the VIP treatment from government institutions and laws, niggers are far more docile and agreeable?

I can't stand niggers in libtard nations, they are privileged and taking things for granted because they are given too much VIP treatments.

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Or you can move to Asia/Eastern Europe and join the locals to discriminate against niggers just like in good old times.

That is a strong possibility.

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It's amazing how arrogant and deluded the left has become that they think this'll be upheld in court. Even if they somehow manage to win the first few rounds of legal proceedings, they'll never make it past the supreme court. It's like they forget that this is a country of laws, not fee-fees.

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The process is the punishment.

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It will still cost the white man money to defend himself in court. Maybe that's the goal.

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No, the goal has always been to get rid of white men and reduce their number in future generations.

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Violation of free speech.

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