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Oh, so the other 100000 Obama was letting in annually must also be good people? BUllshit.

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Who the fuck cares. He still has to go back. They all have to go back.

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The Texan mother wouldn't have to resort to such humiliation if these animals wouldn't have been allowed into our country in the first place. To hell with this hebraic propaganda.

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Fuck out of here with this you like ass share blue shill.

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None of that was correct. This is virtue signaling and the law by con.

He gave her 6 million. Or was it 12 million ... now he goes after her house . BAM !!! ISRAEL IS CREATED

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Syrian refugee Noah

Hmm, doesn't sound like a moslem name to me.

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Name: Noah

Occupation: Jewelry store employee

Guess the (((religion)))...

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maybe he isn't muslim?


there are multiple ethic groups in Syria

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Who the fuck cares whether he is or not. He doesn't belong here. He belongs in syria. You don't belong here either, for that matter.

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https://archive.fo/DVPAl :

Syrian refugee gives money to struggling Texas mother after refusing to buy her necklace | Daily Mail Online

'A North Texas jeweler refused to buy a treasured gold necklace from a struggling mother - and gave her money from his own pocket instead. '

'Syrian refugee Noah, who declined to give his surname, was working at the jewelry store when a Texas woman came in and tried to sell her jewelry, CBS reports. '

'The mom-of-two told him she was broke and was selling the precious piece of jewelry to pay her bills. ', "The stunned recipient broke down in tears at the kindness was seen on the store's surveillance footage hugging the store clerk."

'The generous clerk said he felt happier giving to the less fortunate than keeping his money to himself. '

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