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They just made the mistake of getting caught.

Any other state supreme court is just as, if not more corrupt. They're just not as blatant about it.

In fact, every government entity is equally corrupt at the top levels.

The lower level guys usually follow the rules because they're being watched. But the guys on top take public office as a license to steal, steal, steal.

Why do you think people even run for public office?

Yeah there's the salary for doing nothing. But the real action is all the stealing you get to do.

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I read a great article a while back about a woman who:

  • Went on welfare

  • Got transferred to a free training program in interior design (highly oversupplied profession)

  • Couldn't find a job, so she got hired by the VA as part of a jobs program

  • They didn't have enough work for a full time interior designer, so they also hired her to sell their old furniture, and keep the profits.

  • She was now responsible for both selling their old furniture and replacing it. Guess what she did? She went around all their hospitals rotating their furniture stock and filling up her bank account.