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You shouldn't let fact get in your way:

Justices are elected to 12-year terms in staggered, statewide, nonpartisan elections. In years that two seats are up for election, a separate election is held for each seat. Before 2015, the justices of the court were elected in partisan elections; as of August 2018, therefore, three of the four incumbent justices had been elected in partisan elections.

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According to the article, if elections aren't scheduled by tomorrow the governor can simply appoint them. If they are elected though then I'd agree the right thing to do would be to replace them with elections.

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This is interesting then, how do they stagger terms if they need to appoint... what is it? Four more justices?

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The way it works for every other elected position is that the appointee serves out the term of the person they replace(or a special election can be arranged).

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Five I think, another one resigned.

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If impeached they are appointed, not re-re-re-elected in a loop