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What a horribly-written story. Was the fucking radio station playing AJ or not? What does "solely streaming online" mean if the station was playing AJ? If it wasn't, what does this have to do with him? They don't only not ask nor answer the obvious journalistic questions, they go out of their way to arrange words to obscure these concerns.

The original article they're just blogspamming is here: https://www.mystatesman.com/business/austin-pirate-radio-station-flagship-for-alex-jones-faces-15k-fine/IKeK5Z5IUjegmfqznULCLN/

It states that they did at least a cursory investigation:

A check of the Liberty Radio website, txlr.net, indicated the station stopped being transmitted over the air in December, but has been streaming online and via a call-in “listen line.”

Yet they still opened the article with:

A pirate radio station that serves as controversial host Alex Jones’ Austin flagship

Since this is Austin and a newspaper, assume the whole thing is a lie.

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Shills. Apparently we are supposed to be up in arms over Alex "sell you magic water" Jones.

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We are up in arms about Alex Jones. As I said days ago, we should be up in arms if it were Katy Perry. The state is colluding with the corporate elite to form a speech cabal. Dispute the title if you want, the event is not a coincidence.

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They were broadcasting on a 50 foot antenna in an apartment complex. They were operating on an expired license and the FCC finally took action now after the license was expired for over 5 years. That's what they were supposed to explain. They didn't because RT is the FSB Putin mouthpiece to the rest of the world to manipulate opinions against the west and for Russia.

There is no censorship here. FCC regulations for broadcast spectrum matter and have many reasons to be enforced. No action would have been taken if they had a current license and didn't violate FCC policy which there isn't much indication they were other than the expired license.

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A lawsuit filed in the US District Court in Austin this week accuses Liberty Radio of operating without federal consent since at least 2013

Talk about fucking headline spin. It was a pirate station. Stations are regulated to keep morons from broadcasting with so much power that your pots, pans, and mattresses don't pick up the signal or otherwise interfere with other stations. He was operating illegally and this has nothing to do with censorship. Some laws are actually in place for a good reason.


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Yeah, just casually, laws are applied when it is "the right time"....

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You’re not necessarily wrong...

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Sounds more like a pirate radio station that happened to broadcast AJ got found out and fined...and it's being claimed it was "flagship."

False flag incoming?

Isn't AJ syndicated on clearchannel?

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Agreed, absolutely horrible article. They turn a guy in an appartment complex utility room ..with vauge this, and that nonsense ..something about Christian broadcasting ..the writer is either a retarded spin doctor ..or just retarded.

Worse thing, is my wife on Facebook gets a distorted mutation of the story presented on her news feed by the idiots on our local news channels.

These "journalist" are either exposing themselves in how stupid they have gotten while out of college, or how worthless their academic accreditations are.

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They haven't been airing their "pirate" broadcast since December...The faggy FCC shut down nothing...more fake news.

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Shit title

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Alex Jones has always been a CIA/FBI op, IMO. I think he's ready to retire and this the way to do it. "The durned PTBs shut him down!" And then some others will step in to fill the void.

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It's sad that we're all so dependent upon the corporate platforms for communication when the landfills are filling up with the hardware we need to have a communication network that's truly decentralized and independent.


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