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I do love a heart-warming story.

Croatian police takes resources from invaders, increasing their resources and morale, while doing the opposite for the enemy.

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Croatia tried to annex part of Bosnia no less than two decades ago. They are just angry they aren't the ones invading.

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That's basically what history is. Tribes competing against each other. Unfortunately a certain semitic tribe has convinced our tribesmen that they shouldn't be part of a tribe, and now we are isolated and weak against a multitude of lesser tribes.

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“Ten days ago they took all our money,” said Chouaïb, 30, from Algeria, who like others gave only his first name. “More than €1,000. They ripped up my passport, and then started beating us with batons. You risk your life in the hills. You don’t sleep. Maybe you die. OK, the police catch you and send you back, that would be normal. But why do they beat us? Why do they humiliate us?”

It's almost like they're tired of wasting time and resources keeping your stupid fucking ass out of their country.

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Four words to know Taqiyya, Al-tawriya, Kitman and Al-muruna

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This was pretty funny, thanks.

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Beaten and robbed by Croatian police? Traveling with large sums of money? Then why are they walking across Europe? Make it to Turkey, then buy a plane ticket to Germany for the gibs.

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Turkey isn't part of the Schengen area.

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Not yet, but this changes nothing. They need a passport to cross into other Muslim countries and likely have to recite Koranic verses to reduce their chances of being worked over by border control looking to keep infidels from entering Turkey. They could easily buy a plane ticket, fly to Germany, then loose their passports after boarding and then claim refugee status.

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Refugees not welcome. Thanks, don't come again.

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I support American police doing this too.

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That's horrible, you know what would help? Crossing legally.

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https://archive.fo/HFUnc :

Refugees crossing from Bosnia 'beaten and robbed by Croatian police' | World news | The Guardian

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