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I love how (((Google))) or whoever can take your shit down because reasons and call it "hate speech", then the (((AP))) can run a story saying how you were taken down for hate speech.

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so are these jews sitting in a smoky room conspiring, or are they just working together for their mutual ethnic interests.i honestly cant tell which is more plausible at this point

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Its both, on many different levels. Its what naysayers cant understand.

This is both an ethnic impetus to undermine and destroy non jewish interests and a coordinated effort in different places.

If you think that is crazy you haven't been paying attention.

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They don't need to be in a smoky room, they also own all the cellphone companies.

They just all have each other on speed dial

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It's the ultimate end of the New World Order.

Right now we're in the final phases of the implementation of the Brave New World with geoengineering and RNA alterations through the introduction of phytoestrogens in our food and vaccines, etc... etc...

But this moment is crucial because the NWO cannot succeed if people wake up to what's happening since it is largely a propaganda campaign. Enter Google, the MSM, and other various entities who are working hard to do just that, mostly through AI would be my guess.

Yeah, Jones has lots of faults and is probably a gatekeeper of sorts, but he does at least wake people up to a certain extent and even if he's controlled opposition, he needs to go just as much as Voat or Jay Dyer or Grandpa Lampshade or Florian Geyer.

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Alex Jones should have been onto something really really big for him being shutdown by everyone so fast.

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He expected a possible gorey false flag attack on the media with non-MSM media silenced; like Paddock. He showed Antifa with extreme banners; agitating for conflict. Perhaps media consolidation, liberty reductions, midterm consequences, and Supreme Court effects are why.

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It seems he has slid further and further in supplements and lizard people (perhaps on purpose?) but could this still go back to Sandy Hook? Did the agencies realize how close they were to fucking up the act and then switch to just training kids to attack school instead?

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uh oh this is bad really really bad

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That he was operating without a license for 5 years? Yeah, that's definitely bad for him to be doing.

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Oy! You got a loicense for that mate!

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Fuck the state's extiortion fees, I'll support any man who does anything without paying the kikes for permission

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Alex needs to ask nestle how they were able to pump water with an expired license for so long and copy that

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Do you have a license for this faggotry?

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This is different. Radio licensing is a thing because there is finite amount of EM spectrum, and without regulation it would be unusable.

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Spread-spectrum to the rescue? Technology might solve this without the need for registration.

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and yet somehow I feel they will continue to license :) (and charge)

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flagship outlet for conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

russian bot is okay tho, that isn't a conspiracy at all

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Shareblue was welcomed. The left praised them Correcting the Record

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shareblue is shit against the free internet, this is their goal

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just realized how nuts this is. I see it one of two ways. 1) alex jones was controlled opposition and the good guys shut him down. or 2) alex jones really is a good guy and he was right about everything (or at least enough to threaten the powerful bad guys) and the bad guys are really moving forward aggressively, using all of their massive propaganda machine and psychological techniques. I dunno. don't really care. i'm using the terms "good guy" and "bad guy" loosely, everybody seems to suck equally these days. who is john galt.

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Third option could be that he was controlled opposition and this attack is meant to give him street cred.

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I see you too have heard of Emmanuel Goldstein.

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the saddest part of all of this is that any of those three scenarios are equally possible. that's all there is to say about how the 21st century is working out. this is going to be an epic civilizational collapse. man.....boomers even got longer life expectancy than we'll have.

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I disagree with the whole licencing thing, but the FCC is doing nothing wrong here. They're enforcing the law as written.

We can't yell at the left and say that "we just want the laws enforced" when it comes to certain things like immigration, etc. but ignore the law elsewhere. It's hypocritical.

If you don't like the law, change it. Don't blame the ones that are enforcing it as written.

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Time to decentralize.

Infowarriors need to step up and get some of these:


Micro transmitting isn't subject to FCC regs

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