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Oh, so he's not invested in YouTube at all? So being banned and having all of his videos taken down should be no big deal, since he has zero investment in it.

He invested countless hours into making content for YT with the intent of drawing more viewers and maybe getting some ad money, patrons, and more new freedomainradio listeners. Losing access to YT would certainly be a blow to Stef's brand- meaning the investment of hours and money he put into making/uploading YT content blow up in his face.

Who knows how long it'll be before a serious competing platform comes along? Idk what kind of money Stef makes, but I'd assume a rather significant amount comes both directly and indirectly from YT. Is he supposed to just go without that revenue for 6 years until jewgle finally loses its monopoly?

Don't mistake me- I hope for the best for Stefan. My only problem with him is that he allowed himself to fall into this position even when the warning signs were all there, for years now. I wish there was a great competitor that he had access to so that being thrown off of YT wasn't all "doom and gloom" and "OMG MUH FREE SPEECH" hysteria.