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No, I wouldn't change my mind. Molyneux has been intimidated. It's not going to stop. They will soon kick him off YouTube, just as they kicked off Alex Jones, and for the same political reasons.


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If you were working any other job in which your boss frequently intimidates and threatens your livelihood because of your political opinions/affiliations, how long would you stick around there? I'd reckon "just long enough to obtain new employment, and then I'm outta there."

What does it say about people like Stef and Jones that they would continue to work for and make money for YT after all these years of intimidation and threats? That pisses me off- these youtubers want to pretend like they're principled and they're above YouTube. But they continue to fucking work for YouTube and take money from them (as well as give some to them).

This is hardly any different from a battered wife. The husband (Youtube/google) is a vicious abuser who has made the wife (youtubers) fully dependent on him, and uses threats of violence and emotional abuse to keep the wife in line. And she just won't fucking leave him, no matter what he does. He might punch a friend of the wife's in the mouth (like banning Alex Jones), but the wife (Stef in this case) will make a little fuss about it, but will take no action against the husband. They'll continue to be a good little battered wife and keep bringing in revenue for their abuser.