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I dont think so but truly as fucked up as shit is nodays i wouldnt be surprised either.

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I'd be surprised if he was, but I really don't think he is. I don't know what his former job as a marine was, but the Marine Corps is easily the most traditionally-minded service branch. Just the way the branch operates, they give very little credence to 'modern' ideas about anything. If there was a real argument to be made that wiping your ass with your bare-hand was more efficient and less costly to the Marine Corps than buying toilet paper for everyone on duty, they would make people do it and they wouldn't even care about an outcry.

Patrick Little wouldn't be the first over-the-top marine I've seen. He made it to E5, I doubt people that felt 'micro-aggressed' by traditionally-minded marine culture would have stayed in that long. I bet you could find more libertarian californian marines on active-duty than you could find liberal californian marines on active-duty, if that tells you anything.

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Either way we know how easily people went 180 degrees after they saw a jew trying buy them off with millions of dollars.

Shekels make the world go round, if you print shekels, you can buy off many people.

Money bribe is a powerful tool, that's why you have moles and double agents during war, and why 99% of politicians are corrupt. Ideologies don't feed you or give you luxuries, money does.

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Yep. You guys need to read this link too.

Little is a little jewish puppet. Real opposition would be far far more subtle, what he did doomed his chance of winning and he knew that, yet he still did it, because that's what shills do, since he never intended to win the race in the first place.

Just a little social experiment designed to gauge anti-semitism in California.

Let me just leave with a quote from the site:

Surrounding yourself with Jews. Working with Jews. Learning Hebrew and Yiddish. Family seems to be Jewish. Highly suspicious. Are Jewish, Pat?