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It's such obvious political censorship when they ban somebody like Molyneux, which has never said anything deliberately hateful. Even if he were posting hateful things, that would not be grounds to ban him from a public forum, but he never has. The leftists are so sure of their power, they are not even trying to hide their political bias any longer. They are not even pretending to be for free speech, or fairness, or equality -- they have openly proclaimed themselves fascists, and are intent on intimidating and punishing anyone who disagrees with their political agenda.

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Niggers fags and women

[–] midnightblue1335 2 points 9 points (+11|-2) ago 

Would you change your mind if it turned out this was all some sort of mistake and the strikes were quickly removed?

That's some sloppy fucking censorship right there.

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So, back to normal... except now he'll be walking on eggshells. JewTube won anyway.

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This is an attempt to intimidate him into self-censorship so they can claim it was all just a mistake but still get him to tone things down or risk real strikes. It's a trick and they know what they are doing is wrong but they just want to appear like they are innocent to the lefties who will eat that shit up.

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No, I wouldn't change my mind. Molyneux has been intimidated. It's not going to stop. They will soon kick him off YouTube, just as they kicked off Alex Jones, and for the same political reasons.

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It's in-house harassment. You know, the shit YT supposedly abhors.

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They are doubling down on the efforts they were using to control the US government. Now that they can’t seize the reigns back from Trump, they are looking to supress the advancement of the conservative movement into the mid-terms. The irony is the Democrats keep yelling that they represent the common American while stomping on their neck with a foreign boot.

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Content creators should all have Tor sites too, just to post news if things are down. It'd be nice if Voat did too.