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It's such obvious political censorship when they ban somebody like Molyneux, which has never said anything deliberately hateful. Even if he were posting hateful things, that would not be grounds to ban him from a public forum, but he never has. The leftists are so sure of their power, they are not even trying to hide their political bias any longer. They are not even pretending to be for free speech, or fairness, or equality -- they have openly proclaimed themselves fascists, and are intent on intimidating and punishing anyone who disagrees with their political agenda.

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Niggers fags and women

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Would you change your mind if it turned out this was all some sort of mistake and the strikes were quickly removed?

That's some sloppy fucking censorship right there.

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So, back to normal... except now he'll be walking on eggshells. JewTube won anyway.

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This is an attempt to intimidate him into self-censorship so they can claim it was all just a mistake but still get him to tone things down or risk real strikes. It's a trick and they know what they are doing is wrong but they just want to appear like they are innocent to the lefties who will eat that shit up.

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No, I wouldn't change my mind. Molyneux has been intimidated. It's not going to stop. They will soon kick him off YouTube, just as they kicked off Alex Jones, and for the same political reasons.

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It's in-house harassment. You know, the shit YT supposedly abhors.

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They are doubling down on the efforts they were using to control the US government. Now that they can’t seize the reigns back from Trump, they are looking to supress the advancement of the conservative movement into the mid-terms. The irony is the Democrats keep yelling that they represent the common American while stomping on their neck with a foreign boot.

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Content creators should all have Tor sites too, just to post news if things are down. It'd be nice if Voat did too.

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This is a Test. This ONLY a Test. For the rest of your life, the Emergency Censor Organization will be conducting a Test.

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And for the rest of your life, your ECO will be wishy washy in what it wants to censor or not censor. So wishy washy in fact, that they uncensor the censored individual within a few hours of it being brought to their attention.

But yeah, let's keep getting hysterical over what fucking YouTube decides to do with their website. Let's keep acting like they owe us something, and that content creators own that platform and are thus entitled to be on it. This isn't a free speech issue- this is an issue of YouTube being run by a bunch of fucking clown faggots, and people who have grown fat and rich making videos from home crying victim because YouTube doesn't want to support their shit.

How many warnings have content creators had by this point that YT was shady as fuck? Dozens of incidents where it was clear that censorship was creeping onto the platform? The shadow unsubs, the random strikes, the adpocalypse- all of these things, and people are fucking surprised when YT does something unethical?

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They do owe us, youtube is nothing without its audience....

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You have some people that watch a particular channel. Pretty passive. So, you cancel that channel to identify those that feel strongly enough to complain about that channel being dropped. At the same time, you are conditioning the users so they get accustomed to the creep of censorship.

The funny thing is, the FCC used to have censors who would monitor the shows for indecency and fine the stations. Now we have Corporations who are self regulating. The only authentic content available is through independent creators and YT is the largest outlet.

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YouTube is fucked up. But Stef knew this kind of shit was coming for YEARS now. And he still decided to continue to invest hundreds of hours into a platform that could have all of his work disappeared without warning or good reasoning.

There's a lesson here. Never put all of your eggs in some jew's basket, because one day that jew may decide he's sick of your shit and just dump all your eggs right onto the pavement (before swiping and pocketing a few for himself, of course). Hopefully YouTube takes a nosedive after all this bullshit. Even more hopefully, maybe aspiring "content creators" will learn from this.

To those of us with real jobs, this seems to trivial and silly. Some website curators decided they don't want someone's stuff on their website- a dick move, no doubt, but a violation of human rights? No. Having a man work 14-15 hours a day in sweltering heat 6 days a week is a bit closer to a human rights violation than removing your videos from a website that generously allows anyone to upload videos onto.

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he still decided to continue to invest hundreds of hours into a platform

He is continuing to invest into his content, which is independent from the underlying platform.

How is he investing specifically into youtube?

As soon as a competing platform is available, he can upload his content to that new platform and ignore youtube.

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Oh, so he's not invested in YouTube at all? So being banned and having all of his videos taken down should be no big deal, since he has zero investment in it.

He invested countless hours into making content for YT with the intent of drawing more viewers and maybe getting some ad money, patrons, and more new freedomainradio listeners. Losing access to YT would certainly be a blow to Stef's brand- meaning the investment of hours and money he put into making/uploading YT content blow up in his face.

Who knows how long it'll be before a serious competing platform comes along? Idk what kind of money Stef makes, but I'd assume a rather significant amount comes both directly and indirectly from YT. Is he supposed to just go without that revenue for 6 years until jewgle finally loses its monopoly?

Don't mistake me- I hope for the best for Stefan. My only problem with him is that he allowed himself to fall into this position even when the warning signs were all there, for years now. I wish there was a great competitor that he had access to so that being thrown off of YT wasn't all "doom and gloom" and "OMG MUH FREE SPEECH" hysteria.

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Stefan Molyneux on Twitter

"Good news. The two community guidelines strikes were suddenly removed from my channel and uploading functionality has been restored. For now. Thank you so much to everybody who respectfully messaged YouTube in support of my channel. Video forthcoming.


Stefan Molyneux follow-up video: YOUTUBE ALMOST BANNED ME



The last several weeks have been some of the most challenging in the history of Freedomain Radio - and it only got even worse in the last 24 hours. Stefan Molyneux discusses the challenges of the last few weeks including receiving two random YouTube guidelines strikes - putting his account on the verge of deletion.

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The amount of disinformation surronding anything jewish is getting insane.. i mean if i came out and started naming the jew.. even obviously being irish and multi generation irish american i would still be called a jew and be called a puppet of jews... only patrick little seems to not be called a jew or jew puppet these days

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The joke is, I'm pretty sure Little is a leftist agent who is trying to poison right-wing forums with over-the-top racism.

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I dont think so but truly as fucked up as shit is nodays i wouldnt be surprised either.

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"I'm a Jew, he's a Jew, she's a Jew. We're all Jews, hey!"

I don't know the context of your comment, but this is what came to mind.

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Bitchute seems slow here. I don't know it's my vpn or isp or their servers. I downloaded the video so it doesn't matter too much.

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It is slow because it is a peer-to-peer network. If you are one of the first it will be slow but as more and more people see that clip it gets faster. When you see the clip you also seed it to others.

You can't censor it when it is distributed.

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How do i seed it? Others are getting it from me through my browser?

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I have noticed this too, maybe @bitchute can comment as I run a vpn also

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We're right in the middle of upgrades. In the last 24 hours we received 330k unique visitors and it looks set to continue to increase.

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The true solution is to create and patronize actual Free speech sites. Not to forever try to shame far left silicon valley companies that hate you to treat you fairly hoping that you can be dependent on them forever..or that they hide their shenanigans well enough that you don't notice anymore.

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I just realized that the (((Streisand))) effect is actually a diversion tactic.

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actual 4D chess

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