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Exactly. Some people are too stupid to realize people need to be gradually fed new information or else they'll turn away because it sounds too outrageous. It doesn't conform with their existing beliefs. People are brainwashed by design. Its a calculated strategy when the talking heads avoid certain topics.

For example, telling people that there are no videos of planes crashing into the WTC is too much for a normie to handle. The only video evidence shows what appears to be a plane disappear into the WTC, but there is no actual crash. The "plane" went into the building like a hot knife through butter, without any crash.

I'm not claiming there were no planes. Only that there is no video evidence of a plane crash. Just a "plane" and an explosion, no crash. Thats what the video shows. Theres plenty of videos online to show what real plane crashes look like. And its not as magical as the 9/11 video.