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Purge before US mid-terms.

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To stop the swing voters following their noses away from the stink of the liberal narrative.

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Just like Alex Jones, he thought if he didn't name the Zionist behind the curtain, he would be safe....

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I told you all on voat he was going, and one of the many factors was his science IQs on black IQ and black nations.

Black IQ Science is no no!

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Stefan is a libertarian philosopher who has a million subscribers, he was instrumental in Trump’s 2016 victory just like Alex Jones, Trump needs to step up and defend his constituents!!!!!!

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Savage says he elected Trump

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Im not a fan of molyneuxs in many ways, but watching his trump untruth videos is what led to me looking at trump seriously

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yeah and im napoleon

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH You think that this piece of shit milquetoast ✡libertarian✡ civic nationalist (and yes, Stefan IS still a civic nationalist) actually got Trump elected?

You think that Trump–the zionist neoconservative civic nationalist who publicly denounces white nationalism and all forms of white identity and whose entire family is jewish–gives a shit about his actual constituents?

Two years in and you still don’t comprehend this?

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Yes, I think someone with a million subscribers on YouTube, who made 1-4 videos a day on why we should elect Trump over Hilary, helped get trump elected. I also think you should look how many of those groups voted blue when it was Obama vs Romney just 4 years prior.... Molyneux also says you should stop hitting your kids, and he exposes the fraudulent Jewish monetary system, so he must be a Jew lover just because he is old and understands the general population is too stupid for anarchy?!?

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Completely unfair. Anyone who's listened to Molyneux knows he is the most civil human being on the planet. They are trying to take him down because of his ideas.

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Because they are not. Telling truth on a liars platform... doesn't go so well.

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Subscribe to his podcast.

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He can be found on Bitchute: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/stefanmolyneux/

Edit: And he has 14.490 subscribers already

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14545 now. 55 in 33 minutes.

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Illuminati confirmed.

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bitchute is fucking awesome

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The search does not always work, but there is a button at the right that expands a side panel so you can choose topics. The seem to also use hastags.

I have noticed that more and more good content tends to be uploaded.

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Whoa is this all of his videos from YouTube?

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Silencing online is what comes before silencing people completely

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Yeah i remember seeing his vids on bitchute, freedomain radio i think he's at Bitchute and other platforms. Also i see people mirror his vids at Minds https://www.real.video/ , https://peertube.video/ https://www.dailymotion.com/

https://www.gab.ai/ Steemit Medium https://www.bitchute.com/ https://www.invidio.us/

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Stefan Molyneux asks a Jew about the hypocrisy on immigration (Israel vs western countries)


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Maybe now he will stop holding back from going full Bobby Fischer if he's gonna be de-platformed anyway. Stefan obviously knows what's going on, but would he rather lose his platform on Youtube than name his (((assailants)))?

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He lives in Canada, he’ll be jailed if he names the Jew. He’s stated previously on his show that he can’t say some things due to speech laws in Canada.

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To be fair some of them are actually consistent. As in opposing immigration in all countries or pro-immigration in all countries.

Some Israelis and rabbis like and support those anti-immigration governments in Europe.

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