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In another thread I had raised the possibility that these gangs were actually instructed to riot and armed by the government itself. Now that it's been announced that there will be no charges, I think this theory holds more water.

The idea is to make the populace terrified, and to instill in them a sense of hopelessness and resignation.

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That's possible, but I think it was more a case of the mudshits getting a phone call from home, or call to arms from some Imam in sweden, effectively saying "okay there's enough of us in the country now, give them a warning shot off the bow." And the swedish government intentionally refuses to do anything about it. Doesn't mean they were actively engaged, they're just complicit in the opportunity.

It's going to come to country wide war eventually. There's no way out for the Swedes now. Those enemies within the walls will not go peacefully. Let's hope that in their darkest hour, the Swedes remember how to defend themselves and slaughter those who would harm them.

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Shrink, have you ever seen my outline on how I predict the war in Europe will begin? We've got 3-5 years at the most before it starts, and I've been saying this to whoever will listen. This is how it will likely begin:

1- Invaders reach a sort of "critical mass". Their savage behavior will continue unabated, and native Europeans will form vigilante groups because law enforcement isn't doing anything about it.

2- The vigilantes will clash with the invaders, violence and riots on a grand scale. European military/law enforcement is hopelessly undermanned, under equipped, and ill-prepared for this kind of conflict. Crackdowns or martial law will be issued.

3- Upon the crackdown, a signal will go out among the invaders "no-go zones". Imams will say "You see, they want us dead! That's why the curfews! They are infidels, and you must take what is yours!" The invaders will pour out of their ghettos by the thousands, armed with weapons smuggled into these no-go zones and improvised weapons. There will be mass violence that exceeds the vigilante's action.

4- All out insurrection. Local governments will fall to the savages, there will be native Europeans being executed in the streets. The citizenry will be largely helpless to defend themselves, as they are unarmed and unaccustomed to violence, unlike their invaders whom are extremely accustomed to violence.

5- Facing utter defeat and chaos, the EU will call upon allies for assistance. US troops will be deployed to Stockholm, Berlin, Brussels, Paris, and so forth. Fighting will escalate, thousands dead, billions in property damage.

6- Factions will form. Pro-European factions will square off against invaders and their native supporters.

As a bonus, this will likely kick off the next civil war in the USA as well; after all the images of White soldiers killing brown savages in Europe hit CNN and Facebook, all of the American degenerates will "revolt" and we will have our own conflict.

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Who are we kidding? They will need outside help, because the entire country has Stockholm Syndrome. And yet, Swedes hate the Russians LOL.

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Nah, 100kg of cocaine was confiscated in Gothenburg just a few days ago, this is the gangs show of power, the police doesn't have the monopoly on violence.

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I saw the video of the cars being set on fire. There was probably 6 people tops doing it. Any other country would have had their police force roll up as the cars were being set on fire/catching fire.

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What other country would that be?

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I am willing to bet that the Freemasons are involved in some way.

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thats cucked. rioters set a car on fire you start shooting.

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Shit I saw a twitter post video of folks looking concerned and people dressed in black setting up. Guns should have been on them and orders loud and clear.

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This guy, PeterSweden, was extremely woke, but has now reverted back to Diet Woke. https://youtu.be/RM9S3iZI0D8

I can sympathize with people who have had their lives threatened, but damn, at some point we as a people have to stand for justice, and for what is right.

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I skipped the middle of that video, but I got the gist- this is like some body snatchers shit. Like they took the original Peter, killed him, and created a clone that worships jews.

If I ever suddenly start lavishing jews/israel with praise, SEND HELP BECAUSE I'D LITERALLY HAVE TO BE AT GUNPOINT. I would sooner let them martyr me than flip like this faggot did.

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that video was great, I wish there was a version without the twin peaks music.

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They were tossing grenades and set about five dozen cars on fire. Seems like physical intimidation of the local populace was the goal, in other words, Terrorism.

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Swedes are cucked

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If government consistently fails to provide protection to people and their properties, then what is it good for?


In libertarian political philosophy, a night-watchman state is a model of a state whose only functions are to provide its citizens with the military, the police and courts, thus protecting them from aggression, theft, breach of contract and fraud and enforcing property laws.[1][2][3] 19th-century Britain has been described[by whom?] as standard-bearer of this form of government among European countries.[4] Proponents of the model or varieties are called minarchists.*

I mean that's failing at minarchism, the most reduced form of government, you can't go below that level and still call it a government, minarchism is to government what linux kernel is to linux, without it there's nothing you can call a system/government

They failed to fullfill their most basic duty and the worst part is they don't even seem to realize it

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It was a planned terrorist attack in multiple cities, all coordinated centrally by cellphone/social media apps.

I can't believe they are getting off with no charges after destroying over 100 vehicles.

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Boys will be boys right? Don't you remember being a young boy and doing coordinated economic terror attacks across the city?

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The good ol' days of after-school bicycle acid attacks on blonde females, and then stopping by one of the organized Muslim sex-slave brothels.

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I predicted this would happen.

These governments are not legitimate at all. It raises the question of whether or not the populace can take justice into their own hands if there's no legitimate authority in place. I'm not sure if there's a historical precedent that we can glean info from.

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Yes, they can. But they're too submissive.

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They have been neutered. What would they use?

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Start with primitive ones, use them to get better ones from the pigs.

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So, let me get this right. They invite in refugees, and then let those refugees with no paperwork declare themselves as minors, without having to prove it. And then, when they commit crimes, they get punished like minors? Just because they said they are minors?

This a new frontier in retardation. I'm just trying to fathom myself going into another country with no paperwork, saying I'm a minor, committing crimes, and then going

sorry I'm a minor can't punish me!

This sends a dangerous message that you can come to Sweden, call yourself a minor, commit crimes, and nothing will happen to you. Well, at least if you're a "refugee" Sweden is only a country in name only at this point, this is a complete breakdown of societal rules and law. I can imagine all the jihadis thinking to themselves that they can attack all they want, and some "dumb white slut" will come and lecture them and that's the end. This was Sweden's chance to establish some boundaries, and they completely failed.

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It's not their fault. They didn't know blowing up cars was frowned upon in western society.

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Peter Sweden is a pathetic namby pamby and a shabbos goy. "Look! They are destroying my country. I can't name the enemy who have and are dumbing down my people about this atrocity by controlling Swedish press, banks, and schools. That would be hateful."

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