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Considering this PM has been instrumental in creating and maintaining the problem, he is furious because the recent fires are likely to cost him the next election. He doesn't give two flying fucks about the average Swede.

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Yea, he was a prime minister when the mudslide really started to pick up its pace in sweden. Swedish government forced municipalities to house bearded children against their will. Hopefully swedes remember.

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Löfven might be THE most guilty of every crime perpetrated by rapefugees and gimmegrants in Sweden. Google his name and "refugees", this asshole is up there with Merkel. I'm glad he is young enough to be held accountable when shit goes down, too many of these vile traitors might die of old age first.

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Exactly, no one will be arested, yet they will go door to door to give a stern talking to the parents of these animals.

If the Sweden democrats don’t rout at the polls, Sweden is definitely lost.

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Swed citizens can arm ... lots of spare weapons in the Ukraine FOR-SALE! But, without the will to defend your values .... do you need a postcard palsy ?

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Meanwhile the police and the prosecutor come out to explicitly deny left wing conspiracy theories that it was a false flag by Russian Spetznas to polarise the country, as well as stating there was no signs of political motive at all.

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Considering two of them have been arrested in Turkey I think we can put this theory to rest. It was hugely popular among the communists here in Norway who had all but convinced themselves it was SD sympathizers and now have gotten awkwardly quiet. It was even on one of their debating points for social media which I happen to be on the distribution list for.

In case anyone is interested, in truth, while I would vote SD if I lived in Sweden, I don't think them winning an election will do much. First because it's not a winner-take-all system and they would have to form a weak coalition government with other parties that don't want to touch them with a barge pole. They may end up being the largest party but another constellation without them may easily end up stronger. They're an also inexperienced party full of young single-issue angry zionists. The issue is important, the most important currently, but you can't run a country on a single issue. Especially when you won't be able to enforce your stated policies anyway.

Second, SD is a child of its culture. Swedish immigration debates are vile. It's like watching an American election cycle full of personal attacks, partisan pandering and smugness. We have an entirely different debate climate and acceptance of opposing viewpoints on immigration in the surrounding countries. SD, since this is the environment they're forced to operate in and because of their inexperience, have had some very questionable statements that have only served to sabotage themselves PR-wise. There was a time when they seemed more interested in fighting the problem than solving it. The only thing they've succeeded at is serving as an example and it's due to Swedish failure that the topic of costs of immigration is possible to discuss in public in the rest of Scandinavia.

Third, it's too late. The demographic shift in Sweden has already happened. They're done. Nothing short of deporting several hundred thousand Swedish citizens and taking their citizenship would be needed to reverse the situation and that's not going to happen with SD nor with anyone else. We'd need a world war or a famine or something to even get close. The best they can hope for in the decades to come is to manage a "soft" landing with regards to crime and police cracking the established eastern European cartels. As for the native Swede, he will be relegated to moving out of the cities or, as many have already done, to the neighboring countries.

Awakening or not. It's too late. If anyone gets out of this, it will be Denmark.

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"What The Hell Are You Doing?"

What the hell did you think was going to happen? World peace? The Land of Milk and Honey?

Fuck, make me the PM. With my lack of competence and skill I will destroy Sweden slower than this donkey.

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We need to do away with this bullshit notion th at being a Prime Minister is difficult on any level. Being a President/PM is absolutely stressful, but it's not fucking difficult. It's because of this misconception that we place these assholes on pedestals.

For example, keeping millions of savages from storming your country is a pretty simple problem to solve. It actually takes more effort and planning and money to take them in than to fight them off.

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its a land of cunt worship

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I've always wondered what it too to piss a Swede off. Rape and murder didn't do it. Wholesale beating of its citizens by shitskins didn't do it. Full invasion by people that want to destroy your country didn't do it. Now we know…………….

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Are the swedes even capable of fighting back at this point?

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Native swedes still have the numbers, but they don't have the spine.

This is the best they will be able to manage.


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If they were unrelenting and merciless in expelling them they could do it. But I'm talking roaming death squads killing anyone with too much melanin levels.

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Yeah ask the insurance companies if they liked it, and all those people who had their shit destroyed.

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Hej, "what happened overnight in Sweden?" needs to become a t-shirt meme. Swedish PM Levine says: "It looks very coordinated, almost like a military operation. "

Now search "Bing" and see what the Marxists want you to see. Here is their top suggested link to the query "what happened last night in Sweden":

We can’t say for sure what Trump was referring to (though, reportedly, it was in response to a “refugee crisis” as explained by Fox News). But we can say what likely happened in Sweden last night, as it does just about every day: it upheld a series of progressive policies for its citizens, including: An established, unthreatened, woman’s right to choose, One of the most generous parental leave policies in the world, Commitment to architecture and design to combat climate change, Proudly maintains a “feminist government” (and admits there’s still work to do.)

So there you go! What happened last night in Sweden is nothing of note other than continuing and glorious march of Social Justice to help make all people happy and the bringing of SJ to the wrong doers, white males, so that they are put in their place, those damned bigots!


We are not all on the same page because the Media is lying to everyone they can get to tune in. This is why we have such division. People are literally ignorant about "What happened last ight in Sweden" and all related stories to the war of civilizations ongoing all over the West.

Oh, and here is the second top result of searching "What happened overnight in Sweden":

Given this, the real problem seems to be not only that immigrants have borne the brunt of Sweden’s increasing inequality, but that as a result, they are also being excluded from meaningful membership of the Swedish nation. Issues like police brutality, racial profiling and “territorial stigmatisation” have made immigrants feel like outsiders in Sweden.


So there you go! What happened overnight in Sweden was the awesomeness of Social Justice making everyone's life better and if that is not true, then what happened is that you are a racist and it's your fault! So the LEFT has given you two choices to choose from because they are so damned generous.

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It's just part and parcel of living in a feminist government failed state.

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TL;DR: Dude that helped push the country off a cliff is alarmed about the impending spat as they all hit the rocks.

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Big talk from a country of faggots that will continue to sit and watch.

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