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I’d like to hear Caliph Saddiq Khan of Londonistan comment about this.

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"Part and parcel."

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how do you die of infection in 2018?

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Socialized medicine. She probably has to wait in line next to Abdul with a bad case of lice and the black plague.

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If the infection gets bad enough it can go into sepsis. Since the skin has been radically compromised by the acid even a steady flow of anti-biotics may not be enough to keep up.

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I noticed a lot of doctors nowadays kind of give up after 1-2 half-assed attempts at treating something. Like "The tests show it's not working. I guess it's a very severe infection." at which point they kind of coast until the patient dies or recovers just enough "on paper" to be sent home.

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Good question.

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All too predictable calling for banning acids after the fact. When the UK has banned any object and substance known to man are they gonna chop off fists, elbows and feet? Best make every citizen quadriplegic, only way to be sure nobody can hurt anybody else.

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And yet even then they still wont ban the one thing that is the cause of this shit.

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Acid Control now!

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No, everybody must now wear a face shield or acid resistant hijabs.

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Any of you ever get real acid on your skin, like from a lab or even car battery? Terrible stuff.

I foresee a market for body lotion that us acid-proof, sorta like sun screen: protects up to 10M

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the punishment for acid attack, should be death by starvation.

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UK news, Got it just under the wire, Teenager. This woman probably got started studying hard in Nursing. In her lifetime, she saw socialized medicine take over, reducing her wages and increasing her work load. Having to care for drug dealing foreign invaders. Would be arrested on the spot for voicing any anger. Only to die a slow agonizing death from the type of people she treated.

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Socialised medicine "took over" in 1948, she was born in 1970.

However taxpayer funded services are destroyed by the import of non-contributing users.

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People need to wake up to the fact that it's not gun control, or acid control, but nigger control is what is needed.

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