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The whole tyranny argument isn't very clever. Keeping it out of schools is possible, but enforcing what goes on in the bedroom tyrannically is not only almost unenforceable, but brings about more issues than benefits. The case for a libertarian freedom is much stronger here. You allow people to learn and make human mistakes that make them more resilient. If the default is conformity or jail time, there would be no virtue in conformity. It's a view of people that sees them as unconscious animals. Virtue is being allowed to do some weird shit, and then not doing that weird shit. (i.e. choice) Laws outsource a lot of that decision making out to the state, and so you end up with a maybe partially virtuous populace, however mostly you get a cowardly, non-virtuous, weakened one. Also, just because I tell you it's virtually unenforceable through tyranny, does not not mean it's unenforceable through other means.

None of this is a 'slippery slope fallacy' as some would whine

Wrong. Throughout history, some sized percentage of people have always done weird shit, it's that the social enforcement went on the decline. The religion, was in a weakened state culturally, due to the weakened state fundamentalism put it in, and shallow arguments atheists used to deconstruct it.