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Heather died of a heart attack, not getting hit by a car.

She was morbidly obese and a smoker.

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Anyone who is curious or doubts that, here's a pic of her on the stretcher. She was a goddamn whale. Needed 8 fucking people to carry that stretcher. Of course the media only uses old pictures of her.

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Confirmed: blowhole spotted.

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Make true statement to push a false one. Beware.

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Fields was also diagnosed with schizophrenia in high school.

Fields waived his right to a speedy trial on January 3rd, Dixon made the Facebook comment admitting to (bragging about) chasing him on January 7th -- weird coincidence.

theres a video of someone calmy confronting dixon and asking him about this, and you can tell this Dixon guy is just a fucking cunt https://invidio.us/kcFfz7TtPog

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So a mentally unstable individual is targeted, made into a patsy and then mindfucked into going away quietly

That's CIA MO isn't it

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When it first happened there was a lot of discussion about whether Fields was even driving, based upon what is allegedly the only pic of the driver.

Then there was the issue of whether the car was the same as the one Fields owned, since his was pictured with no black racing stripe down the middle unlike the one the cops surrounded when they arrested him.

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No. It was a second drive and vehicle. The traffic signs before and after the tow truck arrives.

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Would it matter how long?

He was fleeing a mob where he saw at least one person brandishing a rifle and more people that were willing to start physically attacking him/his car.

It's pretty clear to me that he needed to get the hell out of there for his safety, regardless of whether or not they were attempting to prevent that by encircling him.

At that point, in my mind, it's really more their fault than his.

What did they expect him to do, sit there peacefully, get pulled out of his car, and get beaten by an angry mob?

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It's too bad UTR wasn't hosted in a non-cucked state where castle doctrine applies to occupied vehicles in addition to dwellings, because then Fields could actually claim self defense with some chance of success. You can clearly see his car riddled with dents in the photos taken moments before the "attack".

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I wouldn't have been there at all but if I was and I was him I probably would have ran some people over trying to get away as well.

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b4 James killed heather hayer with his car

asshat, there's video showing the car didn't touch the hambeast.

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Truth. She died of a heart attack.

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A lot of their leaders are. Tons of them have been caught and charged for violent crimes. The universities don't fire them.

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Bike lock guy got let off with probation. Even when the jury convicts, the (((judge))) can just hand out a bullshit sentence.

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Affluent whites pay thousands of dollars per semester for the privilege of letting twinks like this indoctrinate their children.

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how else is he going to procreate?

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Seems like a good lawyer could get him out of this mess.

Let's look at the facts:

✅protestors illegally obstruct a road that was not designated to be sealed off for protesting.

✅ a legally licensed motorists exercises his privilege of driving down the road.

✅ protesters break his windows out which could have harmed himnl or killed him had one of the protesters hit him

✅ he tries to flee to save himself all the while he still has the legal right of way. Anyone who got hit by his car is at fault for illegally obstructing traffic

✅ someone near his car dies of a heart attack

✅ someone chases him with an assault rifle.

All of this is clearly documented on video so it cant be interpreted as anything else. It really just looks like he was the fall guy.

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Bike lock guy was clearly filmed attacking someone with potentially lethal force, and he was let off with probation. He should have been convicted for assault with a deadly weapon and attempted murder. I wouldn't be so sure any amount of evidence will absolve Fields. Remember, he's going to be tried in a kangaroo court with (((locals))) filling the jury.

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Yeah. And if he gets out of prison he will be back in the public where everyone will think he's a bad guy. Nothing will ever be the same for him

Edit: he is the example they're going to make. Leftists get off with a slap on the wrist

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Just getting you used to the inJustice system.

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I think it would be ultimate autist maneuver to get James Fields off, by whatever means. It’s pretty clear to me he was genuinely in fear of his life, anyone would be. (((They))) are gonna be working SUPER hard to get him convicted and using every dirty trick in the book to make that conviction happen... is there a GoFundMe, Patreon, etc. for James Fields? Can the public fund his defense?

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I've been wondering what the status of his case is. I haven't heard anything at all about him. The (((media))) assassinates his character and then immediately stops updating the story.

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Had to down vote due to the incorrect title.

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