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Vimeo acting like it matters how cute.

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They are telling you that they want more video hosting websites as competition.

They are also telling you not to use their platform to find good content.

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Who? Is that some other also-ran in the video host race?

But seriously, #PlaformNeutralityNow

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That's fine, we'll take our business to Bitch-ute.

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I've been a lurker here for a long long time. I finally joined today. Jones is a gatekeeper. He is the layer just under the surface. He is designed to turn people back. People who become curious and questioning inevitably end up in Jones' neighbourhood first and often get put off and turned back towards MSM before they ever have the chance to be awakened. Are we to believe that this sudden attack on Jones (their crowd control puppet) is as it appears with no ulterior motive? Doubtful. In my opinion this attack is a desperate attempt to lend credibility to Jones among truthseekers. I believe they think if they attack Jones we will somehow think he is on our team. And while everyone talks about Jones - wtf else are they up to that we aren't aware of. What are we missing. They are probably scrubbing many real truth tellers and its flying under the radar as they distract us with Jones. Jones is now receiving all this FREE PRESS from his masters on purpose. We are currently in a dangerous climate for those who wish us to remain asleep and so they use Jones to capture as many people as possible as they migrate from the MSM. "Hopefully they will be captured by disinfo agent Jones before finding the real truth tellers of the alt media". The last thing the powers that be need is critical thinkers. Jones fans are no threat. Those who can see through Jones are the real threat and TPTB will do anything in their power to keep those numbers as low as possible.

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Yes I think ban ax Jones and Infowars is a distraction. Notice which

news organizations are hot to report it!

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I agree 100% My opinion: Alex Jones is Deep State Stooge.

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I'd dismiss posters with your opinion as fucking loons except I know you are actually working for the Democrats and the "progressive" ideology. Alex Jones was censored because the left sees him as a threat. That's the only reason. And if he's a theat to the left, he's doing God's work and our work.

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Good god could you be any more retarded. Jones has been effective controlled op for years now

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Sometimes Jones helps the cause. I actually agree. He does help with the awakening of some people, but that isn't his purpose. Most peoples journey of awakening starts with Jones. As soon as a person begins asking questions they discover Jones. Almost immediately. Its designed that way. He is a catchment area for people who are about to undergo their awakening regardless. For every truthseeker distracted by Jones thats one less they have to worry about. Some realize "this guy is a fucking lunatic" and their journey ends there. Some realize "this guy is a fucking lunatic" and he is cast aside and the journey continues. Don't feel bad for Jones. I happen to believe the whole IDW (intellectual dark web) was rolled out for the same reasons. As much as i wish it wasn't the case as i love JBP especially. Do they help awaken people? Oh yes. But people are awakening regardless and i see Alex Jones and IDW as a means of damage control for (((them))). Thats my first time using the brackets to descriibe (((them))). Wow this is way more satisfying than i could have imagined.

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Take it all with a grain of salt, the observe from a distance approach. You give them too much credit thinking this is all so thorouglly thought through.

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Every. Single. Time. "Diller was born into a Jewish household in San Francisco, California, and is the son of Reva (née Addison) and Michael Diller."

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Jewish household in San Francisco, California

Oh come the fuck on. Why is it always this?

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The ol' Killer Dillers/ Gay Mafia (Diller, Katzenberg, Eisner)...


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Also that fortuitous surgical strike on the forensic accountancy department of the Pentagon.
22 Trillion that went missing, wasn't it?

Almost like someone was trying to erase a very specific set of financial records and the paper-trails leading to it.

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All the evidence shipped to china and buried.

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Vimeo bans Christians

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