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[–] biochemist345 2 points 31 points (+33|-2) ago  (edited ago)

In the U.S. I still remember when they first started bussing niggers in from surrounding ghettos. Diversity. All it caused was clashes. White people wake up, niggers aint welcome. They feel the same way, but they are essentially foreign invaders. In this case that is axactly what they are. Once they get integrated, and by integrated i mean set up on the welfare system they will destroy the civilization white people built like niggers do in the USA.


[–] mattsixteen24 [S] 0 points 21 points (+21|-0) ago 

Thank the jews.


[–] RedditIsForLiberals 0 points 14 points (+14|-0) ago 

I think you mean, "kill the Jews"


[–] IsaacGoldstein 0 points 9 points (+9|-0) ago 

Oy vey.


[–] Schreiber 7 points -7 points (+0|-7) ago  (edited ago)

This is Sweden.

The most pro-Palestine country in Europe who are against Israel in pretty much most international conference. Sweden is even colored differently than other EU countries in Netanyahu's map because they are treated as hostile nation. Literally less jewed than Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, and every other anti-immigration EU nations who also happen to be more pro-Israel than their neighbors.

Eat that pro-Islam bullshit.


[–] fuckingmockies 1 points 5 points (+6|-1) ago 

Niggers are foreign Invaders even if they've been here for generations.