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In the U.S. I still remember when they first started bussing niggers in from surrounding ghettos. Diversity. All it caused was clashes. White people wake up, niggers aint welcome. They feel the same way, but they are essentially foreign invaders. In this case that is axactly what they are. Once they get integrated, and by integrated i mean set up on the welfare system they will destroy the civilization white people built like niggers do in the USA.

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Thank the jews.

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I think you mean, "kill the Jews"

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Oy vey.

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Niggers are foreign Invaders even if they've been here for generations.

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I remember this case from over a year ago. It was in Eskilstuna, right? The Muslim "child" was harassing a Swedish girl and a Baltic kid (Estonian?) told the "refugee" child to stop. And now we see that the heroism of the Baltic kid is trumped by the handwringing socialist Judge who wants to make sure that Muslims absolutely destroy Sweden for Sweden's crime of being a decent and civilized society.

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Lithuanian. Both, white European, so it does not matter. Oy vey. https://www.rt.com/news/329243-sweden-migrant-stabbed-teenager/

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Worth noting then, that it was another non-Swede who had the nuts to step up against the invader. The pure bloods would have just let it happen.

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I dunno. Yeah, his name doesn't sound swedish.

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Sounds like Greek to me.

...no, seriously.

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Murderer’s father blame the school – The school did nothing to help him and re-establish his honor.

Cultural diversity.

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Nuke Mecca.

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Why nuke Mecca? What is that going to get you? You nuke some place of prayer and maybe, just maybe kill a couple of Muslims. Also piss off a shit ton of other Muslims. And? What have you accomplished?

Why are the shitskins here in the first place? Who voted in these politicians to let in all of these foreigners in the first place? Your own fucking people, your stupid fucking brainwashed communist lefties, which by the way are indoctrinated by rat Jews. The Jews are pushing their shitskin problem into Europe. They want us to fight their wars for them. Fuck them. Seriously, fuck them.

I don't agree with a lot of things in Muslim countries, but for all I care, they can stay there. Just like 69 IQ niggers in Africa. Let them rape, mutilate and kill each other. My point is, you are getting mad at the wrong person, and that's just what the sneaky fucking Jew wants you to do. Your feminist assfuck socialists governments are the problem. The leftists, which are actually communists. are the problem. If they didn't influence the people and the government, these shitskins would not be in Europe.

Don't go off track, don't lose focus, know your enemy. The shitskin is just a symptom and side effect of the real problem and that is your retarded fellow countrymen who believe all the commie bullshit socialist crap the jews are telling them. If some completely exaggerated, over-sensationalised story like the holohoax isn't proof enough for you that everything in the west has to revolve around them, I don't know what is.

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Symbolic victory.

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I want their land. I want their oil. I want the earth for civilized cultures only. The low IQ's must go. As long as they exist they are a threat.

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thanks Jews

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Exactly. I don't know why people keep focussing on the symptom and not the cause.

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People need strong leaders to give them a courage boost. The leaders of Sweden are impotent and deserve a long drawn out painful death. They need a leader who tells them to be strong and fight. Until they get a leader such as that then expect this.

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As long as the Swedish men don't care then I don't care. Can't waste time worrying about cultures that are sunsetting. Even if it's being expedited by (((outside forces))).

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pick one

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