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Wasn't there a whole thing about the Puerto Rico government intentionally sabotaging aid, politicizing the whole ordeal for no other reason than to make Trump look bad? It's not that they couldn't figure out what to do with the rations; it's that they intentionally denied people aid, and left that shit rotting there on purpose, to get everyone angry at Trump for not doing more to help people.

Think about that... they're literally letting their citizens starve, as a political power-move. Day of the rope, when?

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Yup, i think said mayor was eventually arrested for this too. Ironic that the "tolerant" and "rational" left sees no problem slaughtering people for their own political discourse. What is millions dead for the grand utopic vision?

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Some smalltown mayor got arrested. But Yulin-Cruz was the one politicizing everything and using the whole affair to attack Trump. AFAIK, not a damn thing has happened to her.

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"A statistic"

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no she wasnt. That mayor was going through trial before maria for hud fraud.

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The one time I saw reddit majority saying, "let's be skeptical of this, there's no proof"

Now there's fucking proof and not a fucking peep.

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Yeah. Their anti-trump "Nasty" woman t-shirt wearing mayor was responsible for distributing aide.

Couple good videos on this:




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Fuck ..that 2nd video... I didnt know about that phone call made out to new york, that hurt to hear. That cop was one of a I think few then because the ones around here had no problem taking cases into trucks and where they went nobody knows.Thanks for posting these.

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They're literally no smarter than American niggers. This is empirically verifiable. More likely they have no idea how to manage logistics, and no talent to figure it out. So they just default to their usual, ineffectual babbling while the whites handle it.

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Why do hispanic countries seem so rife with corruption? Is it a morality issue?

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Wow. I just looked it up and the average IQ in Puerto Rico is 85.

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If it doesnt fall into their un-outstretched arms they have no clue basically

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We should send them Mexicans. All of our Mexicans.

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This is why I don't help large charities. I've done a lot of volunteer stuff but if I don't see the food or money getting right into the hands of people that need it I don't help.

Anyway, most charities are either money laundering schemes or income streams that aren't taxed

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Same, how much of my "donation" went to some fat cats trouser pocket (and that ass makes 6 figures). Also, my donation shouldn't pay for their advertising campaigns either. If I donate to give food or other goods it should go specifically for that.

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I would suggest working for local soup kitchens or Habitat for Humanity. Local food banks are great. You see the people and you know they're being helped.

Anything that relies on pledges or walking for bullshit is a scam

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Food rotting? Why didn’t we just dump Military rations down there instead?

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Seriously. Why is fresh food of any sort going to any disaster? It should all be MRE type foods.

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i was pretty excited when a box that had a few tangerines some papaya and apples in it. there wasnt any produce not the stores ( at least not by the time I got out to them) all of our trees were wiped clean, and canned food and mres suck after awhile.

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Because we donate day olds and other expiry foods all the time. Would you rather eat food past the flavor fresh by date, or starve?

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A lot of it was mres .

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It probably was preserved rations but after 11 months sitting in a blazing parking lot, they would still have been fucked.

The MREs have a storage schedule that says how long they're good at given temps.

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It was MREs.

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RAYCISSSST to not give them fresh tasty meals

(serious, by the way)

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The bigger cities did. Chefs came down and prepared hot meals for them. And then one of the chefs tried to tell fema he wanted a year contract and an outrageous amount of money. Ridiculous. Glad fema told him to fuck off.

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The problem isn't lack of aid, it's theft, corruption and incompetence.


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The problem is Puerto Ricans.

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Corruption seems higher across the board for Latin America.

Guess everyone being a mishmash of White, Brown and Black simply isn't a breeding ground for a strong sense of not trying to fuck each other over.

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A woman was placed in charge, leftist ideology was running amok, and governmental issues occurred, in which deep-state puppetering could likely have played a part.

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As always with Latin countries

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The only social good is trust.

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This is all the result of willful and deliberate sabotage. As leftists secure prominent positions in organizations, they alienate and eject the productive people while recruiting like minded parasites like themselves. They then commence gorging themselves on the accumulated resources the organization has built up over the years, giving not a rats behind about doing what is necessary to keep the revenue streams going, and blame all the failure on the productive people who left. Then they tank the organization and move on to the next. The problem is, we've got a parasite infestation across the entire western civilization and it's eventually going to come to a head.

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"The problem is, we've got a parasite infestation across the entire western civilization and it's eventually going to come to a head."

With free helicopter rides for the parasites? I mean, I can hope...right?

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You're assuming that we'll have working helicopters when the time comes. Our problem is currently so severe thanks to the importation of third world parasites that we may have to improvise by using industrial microwave ovens to vaporize them to ash or release a bio-weapon agent that can be spread by sexual transmission throughout the population that kills swifter and more efficiently than HIV/AIDS.

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Want to read a story? Here we go

Water has always been wonky here. Electricity too why more people didnt have generators before the whole ordeal surprised me but at tleast they do now. A few months ago the water was out for two days , my husband went with my kids to the pharmacy , on the way down the hill from the pharmacy you can behind the stage at the plaza.

He saw 2 women pulling out cases of water bottles and loading them into a car , they saw him or rather they saw him see them. and gave him 2 4pks of baby cereal, 4 whole boxes of baby food we are talking the actual packs like whats delivered to a store. And some ziploc bags with toiletries. Also offered a box of 4 large size cans of formula but we didnt need it.

thing about that the baby cereal and baby food jars had an expiration date only 3 months away.

Fast forward to june Im walking to a clients house and this lady from the church waves me down... they were pulling out from the stage because people found out about the stash , she gives me 3 whole cases of baby food. I didnt notice until later the expiration dates are july 12th and august 12 (today!)

disgusting isnt it?

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these people are terrible.they even managed to destroy their own economy because of corruption and ineptitude

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Not like the U.S. minimum wage laws help.

Can a tiny Island that size ever produce enough to justify whatever arbitrary price the U.S. government sets?

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I just read that the minimum wage in PR is $4.25 for people under 25. I don't think they're subject to the same minimum wage as the US. But it's an interesting thought.

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It may have been intentional.

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It was intentional. They wanted to make the situation over there look as bad as possible so they could blame it on Trump. People are starving, look how much Trump doesn’t care about brown people.... shit like that. While our tax money pays for food to rot in a parking lot.

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Did you know that rosello tried barganing our electricity for more money. Yeah our area had just gotten power back (generator) for like 2 -3 weeks when they tried asking for a few million more back in january or february saying that if they didnt get it they were going to start shutting electric off to areas. I almost had a fucking heart attack. Again, thank god Rosello was told to fuck off. Who the fuck holds its own people hostage???

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