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A stark reminder of the importance culture plays. Yes, the blacks are of inferior temperament and IQ to whites, but here you have a police chief, who is probably a decent, productive member of society and look what the nigger culture has turned his son into. I know blacks like this. They're good guys, stand up for what's right, provide for their family. He looks like a better guy than the multitudes of ghetto, niggerish, vatoish whites I so often see that buy into to that corrosive "culture."

This is some seriously, unfunny, real-world shit. Don't think for a second that your kids won't suffer the same fate because they're white and so they're mentally superior to blacks. Culture is important, very important.

Keep your kids as far away from nigger/vato/jew/commie culture as you can.

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This is a stark illustration of how irrelevant culture is, compared to genetic predisposition.

Little Tyrone had a stable family with a role-model father earning a comfortable living by upholding the laws of modern society.

Tyrone abandoned all that which Sociologists claim is lacking, and the lack of which causes crime in negroes.

Tyrone left wealth, family, & civilization to become what he is biologically destined to become: a dangerous nigger parasite.

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This is a stark illustration of how irrelevant culture is,

No. Culture is still important. Wiggers are a thing. Whites (especially whites on the lower side of the intelligence spectrum) that are raised around a lot of blacks will tend to pick up values from shitty nigger culture. Rap music is also a big contributor of this.

Yes, genetics are important. But it is very important that we stomp out "black culture"

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This is a stark illustration of how irrelevant culture is, compared to genetic predisposition.

A little of column A, a little of column B perhaps. Otherwise, explain the change in graduation rates since 1950s to now. You may be able to make an argument about consanguinity causing increased aggression as has been observed in the UK but I'd bet a much larger factor is the complete absence of fathers and mothers who think they're 18 well into their 40s.

Seems to me like a portion of the population has been infantilized and then the rest are surprised that they act like children. This is bad news considering the recent man-child phenomenon in millennials and gen-z. Some people just don't grow up.

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I think this would be best described as: Regression to the mean.

Yes, culture plays a role. And yes niggers are responsible FOR nigger culture. But his father obviously wasn't. Meaning, the father was an exception. But his son, genetically predisposed to be a nigger, became what a nigger usually becomes: A criminal thug.

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It's in their DNA. Father went to Congo WWII. they were tribal wars then and they crapped in a hole....nothing has changed.

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but here you have a police chief, who is probably a decent, productive member of society

What makes you think that exactly? He's a californian police chief. I can't imagine that position comes without a hell of a lot of corruption.

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Just the opposite, I'd think. All he had to do was actually be a half decent cop and he could just play the race card all the way up.

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affirmative action

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It's possible, but I've seen nothing to justify that position. Just because a person is black, that doesn't mean that they aren't a productive member of society.

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It's in the eyes, look at the picture of the Dad. He looks like a decent fellow, a good guy, someone who cares and believes in what he does. He's got to be heartbroken at what has become of his son. Imagine being a black man trying to make a decent life for you and your family and you've got this filthy fucked up nigger/jew culture fucking up your kid.

If I was black, I'd hate niggers worse than any white ever could.

Lastly, if I did something like that and my dad was still alive, I'd be begging them to keep me in jail because my dad would put a fucking bullet in my head.

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You're joking when you say you can look in someone's eyes and tell that they are good person right.

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Even one of his daughters is in law school, and the other daughter is in a management position for some corporation, In a time where blacks have more resources than ever to succeed and on top of that this kid had two loving and supportive parents which puts him ahead of 99% of most other black people, i can imagine he probably wanted to fit in with more black people instead of being a normal member of western society like the rest of his family.

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Tyrone. This story can write itself now.

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He has a reason to grin. Kid knows that under Jerry Brown's "Justice" system this will be reduced to a misdemeanor and he'll be back out banging by next week.

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That is why it would be better if he was just put down

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We never leave our property unarmed.

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was torn between the desire to protect his child and the oath he took as a law enforcement leader.

The chief is trying to save his ass by telling people what they want to know and not what he's actually been doing. What he's been doing is no different than any other except for the fact that he is using his power, connections and influence to help his son and hide his part in it.

That same power, connections and influence would be used AGAINST your son though.

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You just summed up why I can't stand the justice system or lack thereof in this country. It only becomes more enraging when you find out its by design.

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The article says the family helped track down the Sikh-attacker and get him arrested.

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I didn't think I'd need to explain it so I didn't bother.

Yeah I can fucking read.

The chief is trying to save his ass by telling people what they want to know and not what he's actually been doing.

If he hadn't, politically, it would have been suicide for him but you can bet whatever amount that is in your piggy bank that behind the scenes he was pulling for leniency from the police officers that were hunting him and the court system that was about to jail him.

Non cops will never get that "courtesy" is what I am telling you. He used his position, one that we've entrusted him with and pay for, to get a favorable outcome. That's not what America is supposed to be about.

All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others

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nigs gonna nig

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Wait- His name is ACTUALLY Tyrone. Lmao. I'm done.

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What the fucking fuck? What kind of savage animals....What kind of nigger fucking idiot....sigh.

They'd better not let the nigger out, someone's bound to pick him off with a high powered rifle.

You've got to be a real fucking idiot animal to fuck with an old Sikh guy like that. WTF. Sikh are our friends. They are red pilled AF on Muslims. They're peaceful people, one I happen to admire in spite of my own Christian upbringing and ways, I have an appreciation for them. I've always been impressed by the Sikh temples that feed the poor in India.

Of all the shit that we let in, these are a welcome addition in my opinion. I'd trade them for our niggers in a heartbeat.

A 71 year old man. Hmm. Don't let me see you do shit like that. You'll have something else to worry about in the next few seconds that are the last of your miserable waste of oxygen life.

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Nope. Sikhs are Pedophiles!

Sikhs in the largest Sikh dominated cities in India area moslty child rapists.

In fact, they marry off little girls at age 10 commonly, and certainly age 11 , to whatever man offers enough money to buy the sex slave.

12 years old is common, as is 8 years old for Sikhs, they generally like to claim they don't do it, but they do.

6 year old child brides (female) are common in epicenter of Sikh world : "Ludhiana, Punjab, India"

Maharaja Ranjit Singh was the LEADER of the Sikh Empire and had had twenty wives, as was Sikh custom.

His first wife of twenty wives was 12, Mehtab Kaur, but he was trying to get a healthy heir with first wife, not a child bride, the child brides came later.

Punjab = Sikh region, and Punjabis even in 2018 love their little girls.

Millions of depraved people in Punjab region love little girls and it is vastly a sikh stonghold.


Sikhs marry 6 year olds in India, similar to prophet Muhammad (a Muslim) marrying his favored with at age 6. (multiple texts)


"Islams prophet Muhammad got married to a 6 year old girl & had sex with her when she was ONLY 9. He was over 50. ":


Also, every goddamn Sikh I ever met was a FUCKING COMMUNIST IDIOT.

Every one!

I try to discuss BASIC ECONOMICS with sikhs and they just don't get it. Worse they spout false facts that I use my phone browser to quickly crush.

They don't even know the point of capitalism. One thought 100% tax on companies was "fair"

Another Sikh thought we could all get "government jobs" and did not know how wealth was generated.

Since in the UK Sikhs are generally Punjabi region peasants, I can see in my mind what the world would be like if Sikhs tried to run a civilization !!!

And they marry children just like muslims do. Hundreds of news articles.

Though Indian region Sikhs generally marry their sex slaves at age 12, some like them 8 years old nowadays, similar to towel-head muslims :


That news outlet says "Every year, millions of Indian girls are married as children. In some instances the brides are no more than 4 or 5 years old"

Technically Sikhs try to no longer marry little girls, but ban teen girls from shaving, yet loathe hairy girls :


Sikh believers, including women, are refrained from shaving and trimming their hair. This is a part of their faith, and revealing that FACT got the author of Harry Potter (JK Rowling) in big trouble by UK Sikhs in UK for mentioning the fact that Sikh women cannot shave their legs, or wax their vulvas. This creates greater aesthetic value on prepubescent girls to Sikh men. (look it up!)

"The average age to get engaged is 5 or 6 ! " :


IT IS A COMMON LIE for a sikh to claim they are far more chaste than a muslim. They are only a little more chaste.

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I actually saw that footage from a security camera where he was kicking that Sikh Man. Old man just lay helpless.

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Yeah, it was case of bias confirmation if I ever saw one.

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It's a case of 'nigger needs to die publically as an example' if I ever saw one.

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