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We need to do this in America!

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Mexico already does this. Foreigners can get a 100 year lease but never own property on Mexican soil. They're not stupid.

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Near coastal areas. You meant 99 year leases within 31 miles of a coastline.

In fact its in their mexican constitution : "Article 27 of the 1973 constitution"

Also SOME coastlines allow buying by foreigners after 2013 law changes.


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Hawaii is the same way, if you weren't born on the island , american or not, you dont own the land, just rent it.

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Its a stupid move. THEY WILL SUFFER

Famous Books on Economics, such as : Basic Economics (4th Edition) by Thomas Sowell show all the unintended consequences of manipulating a free market, especially big chapter on real estate repercussions

Some are grave unintended consequences.

I don't have time to enumerate them all, but one non-controversial point is lower property values creates lower tax base income, hurting the poor, and less construction also creating a different type of housing shortage.

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Incorrect. Lowering taxes does not hurt the poor. You are an idiot.

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they won't ban JEWS though you watch. Kikes always get an exception.

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They are the exception. It's almost metaphysical.

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I think this is good. As a sovereign nation, they have a duty to protect their own citizens first. This idea is not new, many countries already limit who can buy property or be citizens. You'll notice a trend in countries where many jews live, however.

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Wish we would do this in Australia

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You're screwed, every wealthy Chinese is looking to get a Residency visa, which is apparently easy to get. And they have no intention of integrating into society.

Parallel societies are never good, but that isn't even touching on the millions of niggers pouring in.

It's a globally planned destruction of white societies, with regard to niggers and pajeets.

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Easy to get around if they did, I own a house in Australia and very easy for me to get residency by "investing" in Australia, that's what all the Chinese do as well. I'm American although from the UK originally, seems the big problem in Australia is the Chinese.

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They'll just make it easier for chinks to become citizens is all.

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watch how this will be spun as anti-semetic somehow

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New Zealand is supposed to be the safest place in a ww3 scenario. (Politically speaking. Also they have there own wind turbine powered electrical grid. Very fertile land as well, with roaming animals. I wanted to move there for the same...only drawback is they are sjw/liberal/pc as fuuuk.

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Nah mate, not down south.
The liberals are all in the north island or the major cities.

Also the turbines aren't very reliable but they've got big hydro facilities and coal fire plants that keep most of the lights on.

Honestly if your ever going to go to NZ I'd skip the north island all together.

Want parties?, they've got Queenstown. Want mountain biking or hiking?, they've got central Otago and Wanaka region. Want hunting?, they've got the whole east coast with some of the biggest deer you'll ever see.

The only thing the south doesn't have is major shopping. There's a bit in Christchurch or Dunedin but you'll get better quality for a better price stopping at a major city on your way there

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Thanks for the insight. I’ve never been but will make it out there some day soon.

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To combat homelessness? Hilarious, they think the homeless are going to pull money out of their ass' and buy their celeb homes if they ban foreigners from coming in and paying the property taxes?

I'm just shocked self-destructive San Fran haven't already tired this.

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They imported a bunch of filth that's poisoning the cities.

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It's more for the working poor/homeless with jobs. It is real easy to price your labor market out of the workforce by a lack of suitable housing within a reasonable distance from the worksite. This has happened in the Bay area already due to the influx of foreign real estate buyers, especially Chinese and Russian, buying houses for up to 20% over list. It has been happening for a decade plus, and restaurants and hotels are paying ridiculous wages for cooks and dishwashers because they have to in order to draw them in from the East Bay and far south bay.

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