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Send a guy who made a joke about Jew fags to jail. Allow muslims to rape and pillage your country and even make excuses for the acts. Fuck me.

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No, fuck them. The UK needs to burn to the ground. Period.

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I dont disagree

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I'm a typical libertarian centrist. I always vote Libertarian Party. What people seem not to realize is that when they encourage shit like this to happen they drive normal people further and further toward "far-right" ideology. I suppose some of you guys might think that's "good" for your movements. But to me it just seems incredibly stupid on their part.

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The Media told you that Tommy Robinson and Meechan are something called "far right". Examine that before you say anything else.

Far Right now means anyone who supports Western or "Classic" Liberalism and who is willing to call out and name the forces opposed to Western Liberalism. Is that what YOU would call "Far Right"? I very much doubt it.

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I do not think you know what libertarian means, or else you dont know what USA far right would mean.

"Right" in usa is free speech supporting. Almost all laws in us history to abridge free speech on internet, airwaves, print, etc are from democrats (the left).

In USA far right is called Conservative (In europe it was catholic church supporting and royalty supporting)

The Nazis for example were center left socialists , whom also employed fascist tools (like socialist left ww2 italy

SO in summary, free speech would be libertarian for certain. far right would still be free speech. limited speech is and always has been a critical tool of the left

there are MANY books on this.

If you mean you want violent helicopter rides for physical removal of politicians and judges aboard military helicopters for physical removal.... then that is far right

Helicopter Rides, which are effective, are a south american far right political tool

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And if he had taught the pug to salute when saying "murder white people" there would have been no issue at all.

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Someone should do just that to illustrate the difference.

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I love my dog too much to brainwash him like that.

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Someone should make that video for his defense to use as a case in point

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Don't worry guys I'm sure the very same standard for his conviction will apply to Muslims as well...

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Judaism is a cult with multiple layers. If we can get the kids away from their Jew scum parents that are brainwashing them to become parasites, we can slowly remove this filth from our countries leaving Israel completely isolated. We will eventually have to deal with the jew parasites one way or other.

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The first domino in what you just described is redpilling america on circumcision.. thats the biggest crime the jews have perputrated on americans and it opens up the medical industry and jewish doctors to the biggest class action lawsuit in history.

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Exterminate the Jews for real this time

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They're trying to ruin this guy's life because of a fucking youtube video. He should hit up a US consulate and claim political oppression.

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Sorry. He isn't an illiterate spic with 5 kids. We only seem to allow those in.

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No shit, we've got niggers murdering whites in SA and stealing their land and we can't get a peep out of our ZOG President.

The time for talk is over.

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How to defear the jew 1. Red pill the public on circumcision.. this will lead directly to number 2

  1. Name the jews control of mass media, medias role in spreading lies about circumcision will prove their influence

  2. Normies will see 1 and 2 and then you can go for their most important lie, exposing thd haulacaust lie

  3. With normies eyes open you open a class action against all the doctors and rabbis and media members that pushed thd circumcision lie.

  4. More normies are redpilled, you expose the jews in the education system and sue them in a class action lawsuit for common core and purposly dumbing down kids...

  5. Game over, stop funding isreal and take isreal to court for war crimes and crimes against humanity

  6. Audit the fed and sue them and the rothchilds for manipulating our finacial systrm for their gains and exposing the ponzi schemem

  7. Send all the jews to madgascar and film them trying to farm and do manual labor and let the hilarity ensue

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Jesus Christ. Clickbait much OP?

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Theres not a single fucking ad on my link, with javascript off, try it everyone else, to see that SkittlesAndIcedTee is a downvoting liar.

[–] SkittlesAndIcedTee 2 points 2 points (+4|-2) ago 


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I, the OP, DO SEE NOT ONE GODDAMN ADVERTISEMENT on the link to the large page on "ntd.tv"


I see 10 enumerated links to stories on right side of long article, not one is an ad or sponsor.

I see 4 total items at bottom of the page, they too are news stories and not one is an ad or sponsored link :

1> Mom finds chilling ‘HELP’ note in decorations made in China. On reading it, she takes actionMom finds chilling ‘HELP’ note in decorations made in China. On reading it, she takes action

2> New York Couple Remembers Peaceful April 25 Appeal in ChinaNew York Couple Remembers Peaceful April 25 Appeal in China

3> Audience Calls For Human Rights In China At ‘Harvested Alive’ Film ScreeningAudience Calls For Human Rights In China At ‘Harvested Alive’ Film Screening

4> Vatican Condemned for Lending Credibility to Chinese Regime’s Claims of Organ Transplant Reform

I am using a verson of Firefox, with typical extensions, and only tweitter.com allowed to use javascript on that page.



I chose the only huge news website lacking a SINGLE FUCKING ADVERTISEMENT, yet properly showing all content and photos.


You must be trolling me.

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Sanegoat is that you?

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