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Rather a waste of bullets if you're hanging them anyway, but points for enthusiasm.

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it's not about the bullets, it's about sending a message

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Those bullets were a mercy. A better message would've been to shoot them in the balls, then hang them.

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Just being thorough.

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I'd be perfectly happy if this was the common practice for dealing with these types of people.

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There's a reason why all the pedos there wanna migrate to Sweden...

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Remember how many websites liberals have taken down by flooding it with CP? You think they should be able to get people they don't like killed, too?

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This usually always happens to right-wing websites with liberals/leftists flooding it with CP.

I've asked myself this: Why do the lefties and liberals have so much CP on their computers in the first place?

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actually the liberals should be killed for having it to begin with

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I'm talking specifically about people who touch and harm kids. These people are worse than murderers because they ruin someone's life and in many cases subject them to a miserable existence.

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meanwhile in sweden

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And the tax payer only had to pay for the rope and bullets not 20 years of feeding and clothing a piece of shit

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Damn good deal if you ask me.

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https://archive.fo/nf0WI :

Three paedophiles shot and hanged for rape of boy in Yemen | Daily Mail Online

'Three paedophiles were publicly shot then hanged from a crane in Yemen yesterday as punishment for raping and killing a ten-year-old boy. ', "Yemen, south of Saudi Arabia, is one of the world's top executors with capital punishment for violent crimes including murder, rape, and terrorism."

'Yesterday Saudi Arabia executed and crucified a man who stabbed a woman to death. ', "Disturbing pictures show the rapists in blue overalls paraded in front of crowds in the centre of Sana'a, the country's largest city."

'They were handcuffed, ordered to lie face down and shot five times in the heart. '

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Fuck Me mate :) brings a tear to me eyes !! FINALLY a story with a happy ending . Wish it were happing in mass tonight in Cali’s very own PedoWood ;) Coming soon to a Hebrew producer near you ~

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I know right, finally someone with balls, yemen doesnt seem that bad so why are we bombing the fuck out of it. And no offence, but I just read in California that 3 out 6 company board members have to be female or tranny. So half the sicko's wont have any balls to hang by soon, lol.

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Would they have done this if girls were raped or would they kill the girls instead? Is there only justice for pedos if boys are raped?

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I find it difficult to have much sympathy. In fact, I don't have any.

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Assuming they actually committed the crimes they're accused of then this is a perfectly reasonable punishment.

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