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As crazy as it sounds it’s the only way for us to fight this. Use thier weapons against them.

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Crazy? Doesn't sound crazy. It's epic trolling.

[–] viperguy [S] 1 points 0 points (+1|-1) ago  (edited ago)

Regreatably part of the law is written using lower case word "female" not uppercase "Female" which means literal female or post-op female or whatever passes for legal female in california for that section of the law statue. I am talking about the lowercase word female in this part of the law the senate passed :

SEC. 2. Section 301.3 is added to the Corporations Code, to read:

301.3. (b) 1 : If its number of directors is six or more, the corporation shall have a minimum of three female directors.

So you would have probably a one year grace period in transition to prove you are going to chop off your dick , or prove your dick is chopped off. (At least if you are a tranny on a 6 human sized board, lacking 3 cis females)..

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I’m pretty sure you only have to “identify” as female.

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part of the law is written using lower case

lots of words are written with lower case letters mang whats your point, thats a sovereign citizen tier defence right there. a) it doesnt change that law and b) what the fuck do you think lawyers are for? Their job is to literally debate every law with a judge to make it appear like their client either did not break a law, or that the law they broke doesnt apply to them. Ive never heard of a lawsuit being thrown out because something wasnt capitalised correctly. Grammar maybe (helping your uncle jack, off a horse vs helping your uncle jack off a horse type stuff) but not capitalisation.