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exactly what i was thinking, it's a way to raise the trans numbers or kick companies out of the state. honestly, i don't see why any company would be based out of CA right now.


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I think the article mentioned only 441 companies this would apply to.

Think about that, in a state with one of the largest economies in the world, only 441 publicly traded companies.

Soon to be far less, I'm sure.

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Correct, hundreds of thousands of "california leaning" incorporate (or used to) in Las Vegas (until 6 years ago), Delaware (historic), Wyoming (nowadays).

Today, there are 1.7 million traditional C corporations, compared to 7.4 million partnerships and S corporations, and 23 million sole proprietorships.

All flee or never were goddamned fucking california paper companies. Its these tranny laws and others that cause it.

This includes every california "startup" in the last 20 years. None start in california. They do have to heed all california taxes, payroll, licensing, filings etc... but they and even their bank accounts are out of state, and their stock ledger table is "momentarily" within california.


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I'm based in rainbow nation and have residence there

file for greater center of interest for aliens or whatever the tax doc is called

don't pay me a salary.

pay the employment corporation that employs me

that is in a 0% tax jurisdiction from god himself


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from god himself

yeah bro. santa clause gives you coal if youre naughty, st peter will cast you down to hell for sin, and god will turn you into a fucken accountant and force you to spend the rest of your existance in purgatory by resurrecting you as an IRS agent to audit your own family for breaking his laws

"Thou shalt not pay tax where Curiousityonfirelives, he that shalt pay taxes in this places shall be against divine law" - Numbers 69:69

could you remind me again which part of the bible mentions which accountants guild he is associated with? cos theyve gotta have some fucking awesome legal loopholes no one else has figured out...

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It is irrational for any white male to go through life without claiming to be a black female. Pay less for school, get a job easier, be harder to fire, act entitled, etc. I can't wait until 100% of college applications say "female".