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I think it's pretty obvious to anyone who's redpilled that Soros is a public face scapegoat for the jews. While some criticisms of being redpilled say "all you do is blame everything on the jews," Soros is an invoked extreme of that example, pushed by his fellow jews and is something he seems to have no problem with.

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Soros is a public face scapegoat for the jews

For the jewish globalist banker (aka American jews like Rothschild who print money). Because Orban has plenty of rabbis supporting him and he has the support of Israeli government and Hungarian jews. And let's not forget that he "vowed to protect Hungarian jews" and his party/clique has jews in it, similar to Trump.

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Yes, anyone with a brain will see that Soros is only presented as the mastermind, but his actual role is more a middleman between the true elites (including Rothschilds and other ultra-rich Jews) and the plebs.