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In short, all the sane eastern-european countries appear to be the ones which already were ass-raped by communism and have needed decades of anal suffering to develop an immunity against the marxist poz, and all the insane countries seem to be the western ones where people have no fucking clue how communism comes into existence. Naive westerners seem to think that the only way to get infected by communism is to be invaded by Russian nuclear submarines.

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That's a really good point, that reminds me of how some eastern european countries banned political conversations at work after the soviet union collapsed. Basically because communists always try to bring up politics everywhere they go.

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Poland is the European country best set for success. Large, economy been improving steadily for like 20 years and it has close to zero southern invaders. They will be able to attract all the best people from western Europe, pick and choose. Actual doctors and engineers.

For the rest of us: Anything but massive deportations is stalling. Till they are happening, the wrong leaders are in place.

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Italy has taken a few steps in the right direction but they still have a lot of work to do to heal the insanity of the past 10-15 years.

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There goes any hope of Evergreen College setting up a satellite in Hungary. Lucky fucking Hungarians.

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Have you seen their women?

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I was in Budapest a while ago and imo they have very beautiful women, very under-rated imo.

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The average eurobabes are better than those obese American feminists.

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Those things are women?

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It's useless in every country's job market.

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It's way more damaging than simply being useless, but otherwise agree.

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What we need in the future is an entire undergrad and grad program which studies how the Jews have influenced Western Civilization. Under the history department.

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“Jewish Studies” - mandatory general ed course teaching their actual history lmfao

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Gender studies = jewish, anti-white, anti-Christian, war propaganda.

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"Hungarian govt abolishes gender studies as it is useless." FTFY

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Ironic that George Soros is "Hungarian," yet all their modern policies are the opposite of what jews want in Western countries.

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Jews are not Hungarians.

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Hungary has been dealing with jews for ages and their particular variety are not subtle

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Soros was chased out by sane Hungarians and welcomed to America by American race traitors, the same group who everybody loves to give free passes to because they are supposedly, "brainwashed."

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Bbbbut the narative has told me sosros is the antichrist that is "the man" controling everything.

How could such a person ever let some non agenda policy get through?

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Hungary actually hates Soros

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I think it's pretty obvious to anyone who's redpilled that Soros is a public face scapegoat for the jews. While some criticisms of being redpilled say "all you do is blame everything on the jews," Soros is an invoked extreme of that example, pushed by his fellow jews and is something he seems to have no problem with.

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Goddamn am I jealous of the Hungarians! At this rate, Budapest is going to be the new third Rome.

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