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Good. Fuck Turkey.

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Seriously, how in the hell are they still in NATO?

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They never should've been there in the first place. We should really retake Constantinople. Fuck Turkroaches.

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Three unrelated factors :

1> Turkeys Lira has been in free fall a while due to money printing, and Trump sabre rattled today because Turkey refuses to let usa citizen christian free to leave turkey , who is a religious and political prisoner for "thought"

2> The chinese steel never ever went directly from china to usa in 2017 and 2018, it went through canada and mexico through large jewish middle men shell companies... so the chi tarrif had to be expanded to EU, but then recently with cancada , mex, and EU clamped down, the chinese steel stated flowing in via turkey as "refined" product.

3> Turkey's dictator president has been giving too many "Turkey vs USA" speeches and demonization of USA and Trump and lessons must be made to countries that agitate the USA ESPECIALLY WHEN THIS WEEK TURKEY SAID IT WOULD CONFISCATE USA ASSETS ON TURKEY SOIL!!!!

HAH HAH HAH Hah hah !!!!! MAGA !

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I better buy that canik tp9sfx whilest I can...

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will they be forced to accept the euro if their currency totally collapses though?

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It seems to be the de-facto failed state currency, so why not?

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Turkeys lawyers want to raid a U.S. portion of the airforce base to arrest U.S. troops from terrorism. Tried looking it up on YouTube and ZERO results.