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Europe is the war created by women. They emasculated all their men, so they wouldn't protect them then slutted out their countries to the third world. \Whites are still the majority and they're being treated like shit and garbage already. They have no way of walking away with more say in life than the muslims allow them and still they barely vote to save themselves.

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They don’t like women at all. They don’t like me at all. That’s why I decided to stop.

So instead of defending your country, your home, you kill yourself to make way for more Islamic invaders? She should be dug up and hanged for treason.

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What was she supposed to do? This gang is stalking her. They don't have guns. It sounds like they continue to threaten her. Remember when a Muslim gang ground up a little girl and put her in kebob? Imagine that you have a group of these animals chasing you every day for more than a year, with the prospect of rape and torture happening again and again. With no way to stop it. They aren't allowed to defend themselves there, what is she doing to do, learn karate? Rape is bad enough, but after if happens, as a victim myself, you will destroy the person if you don't give them the ability to defend themselves afterwards.


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What was she supposed to do?

She could still uphold her values of abandoning her country and people to the moslem invaders by moving to another location on the planet, plus, she'd still be alive. Your question is probably more revealing than you intended, because it (apparently correctly) presumes they're simply too pathetic to formulate a response. She literally didn't tell anyone about the rape and threats... and refused to file charges or give the police any information.

“After it happened, I did not tell anyone, I just did my debates the next day.”

Too weak to live.

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Not sure about the validity of her words.

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I wouldnt put it past moslems to engage in these types of tactics.

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It's they cultura she just a bigot

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She probably caught aids

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What are you talking about? Women are very powerful beings and are using that power to favor muslim invasions of non-muslim countries!

Women are very powerful. Look at all the empowered single mothers enacting the destruction of the non-islamic world by vindictive behavior against husband and children.

Fuck them in kindergarden? CHeck

Fuck them in the courts? Check

Fuck them in school? Check

Fuck them at home? Check

Fuck them in dating? Check

Fuck them in politics? Check

Fuck them in economics? Check

For the crime of giving them what they want (islam)? Check.

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And she shot dead none of her attackers ? Sheep get raped by sand-niggars.

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They don't have guns there.

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"We don't believe in guns here. baaaaa"

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If they rape you, you win.

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