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Jimmy also asked Kanye why he supported Trump and he just stared at him so long they cut to commercial. Not kidding.

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Lol. He seems like he's tired of their shit.

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"So Kanye, have you stopped beating your wife and kids?"

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That's how you get 30 mins of virtue signaling about women in power.

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He's correct. When you've never heard the truth, the truth sounds crazy. And, that's where most Democrats are today. They are boxed in and shackled like slaves.

They are chasing phantom "Nazis" while being the Nazis.

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Rather than being about politics, he said, endorsing Trump "represented overcoming fear and doing what you felt no matter what anyone said and saying you can’t bully me — liberals can’t bully me, news can’t bully me, the hip-hop community, they can’t bully me — because at that point if I’m not free to be me, I’m no longer Ye."

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Indeed. Why does the media preach a message of division instead of unity?. Inquiring minds want to know.

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Divide & conquer has been a brilliant tactic since before the days of Sun Tzu.

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Hence why trump and a lot of the republicans are applying it to the dems right now

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Why do we let them get away with it for decades?

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Because the majority of the people are dumb.

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Follow the money.

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https://archive.fo/4zWR8 :

WATCH: Kanye Slams Idea That Blacks Must Vote Democrat On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' | Daily Wire

'On "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"'

'He ultimately challenged Kimmel and his audience to "try love" rather than hate. '

'"When I see people just even ... go at the president, it’s like, why not try love?" he said. '

'And sometimes you just have to be fearless enough to break the f**king simulation," he said. '

'"We get too caught up in the past and what everyone’s saying and what everyone’s tweeting. '

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Who cares what Jimminny Kimmel or Kanye West or any other rich celebrity has to say about it. Not me

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Who cares

Clearly you're too fucking stupid to see the big picture then. You should care that he's going to convince some niggers to do something other than automatically pull the lever for anybody with a 'D' next to their name. That makes it MUCH harder for Marxists to get into office and run roughshod over your freedoms.

Pull your head out of your ass and try to think bigger than petty, virtue-signaling shit like 'fuck rich people'.

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Agreed. If you can pull another 5-10% of the black vote to your side, and get maybe another 5-10% to stay home on election day because they're not afraid of the big bad republican boogeyman, then suddenly states like PA, OH, MI, WI and maybe a couple others can become reliably red-voting states. It makes all the difference in the electoral college.

That's why we should support stories like this and push them out there.

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Boy, you are bluepilled. Democrats and republicans are on the SAME FUCKING SIDE. West and Kimmel are just following their script. The more niggers voting republican, the merrier (for the jews).

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Exactly thank you.

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I don't give a flying fuck what that faggot kimmel has to say, the only thing that seems to come out of his mouth is kike ejaculate from sucking so much shylock cock to get to where he is today. However, West is currently trying to lead the vote slaves off the of DNC plantation so I actually do somewhat care what he has to say.

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DNC plantation

The whole government; the world even; is a plantation. Stop listening to Q.

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Too blind and ignorant to grasp the concept of someone with massive reach being able to spread awareness and get blacks off the leftist plantation while commie trash keeps throwing tantrums further ruining themselves as they attack the centrists.

People like Kanye and Candace Owens regardless of your personal feelings are far more effective at spreading red pills than you are. Keep in mind not all blacks are niggers and all niggers are not black.

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I don't care. I don't want to spread red pills. I hate everybody.

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Kanye is redpilling the black community. That's why. I'm just waiting for him to name the Jew.

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I hate it when I agree with Kanye.

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Thats when you know the world has gone topsy turvey. Trump is president, smug liberals now losing thier minds & Kanye is making fucking sense. What a glorious time to be living in!

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I generally hate entertainers and think they are a waste of space. Based on Kanye West’s career I would put him at the bottom of the pile. I would have never expected that the wisdom below to could come out of his mouth.

"We get too caught up in the past and what everyone’s saying and what everyone’s tweeting. And sometimes you just have to be fearless enough to break the f**king simulation,"

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because at that point if I’m not free to be me, I’m no longer Ye.


I would have that after Puff Daddy renaming himself multiple times, that the black community would have learned not to make their names so confusing.

But yeah, good on him for thinking for himself.

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