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Bare in mind,a lot of muslims are pounding out babies who aren't legally married under EU law. They're only Sharia married.

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Thanks for making the statistic scarier...

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if you want to rectify a problem,you have to understand it.

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Merlynn, I was going to say that Muslims make up the 57% of births that are within marriage.

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Sharia married in the EU means you don't claim you're married to the authorities so you can get more welfare. Every unwed mother is given a house in most EU countries. So a muslim with 4 wives who "aren't married" means 4 houses for the muslims. Which they can then fill with completely illegal muslim immigrants who aren't even in the system at all,rent out for extra money,or use as safe houses to store god only knows what cause no one checks that shit cause that'd be racist.

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(((They))) destroyed white family

Whoever gave women a vote destroyed the white family.

Women do not want to marry just to procreate. Voting gives them a way to engage in a alpha fucks beta bucks strategy by taxing low-SMV betas they dont want to marry and redirecting their tax money to single mothers impregnated by high-SMV alphas.

The key insight and the reason not only white but all family structures break down is WOMEN DO NOT WANT TO MARRY.

So who gave women the vote?

Was it jews or just any random leftist trying to get the female vote?

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I like this one quote from Codreanu: A country has the Jews it deserves. Just as mosquitoes can thrive and settle only in swamps, likewise the former can only thrive in the swamps of our sins.

So yes, kikes cause the fermentation of civilizations, but they do this because we allow them to do it. Certainly I will never vindicate kikes, aka the Second Beast, of their crimes, but people need to realize that ultimately they themselves as individuals are responsible for their own misdeeds, not the entity dangling the forbidden fruit before their eyes. What is happening today is merely the natural outcome of turning our backs to God.

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Yes. We can't blame our sins on the people who facilitated them. What they do to us is a sin for sure. But our participation in that is our own sin. We have to take responsibility for that and stop.

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Great quote.

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Surely there is a certain biological urge for women to procreate, but this might not be exclusively for the sake of having children to care for, but also, and perhaps most importantly, to ensure steady financial support for herself. In order to obtain financial support from a man, she gives him children in return and thus he will be doubly committed to care for her and the children. It's a transaction of sorts. This is fine when it takes place under a patriarchy in which men are ensured their authority over the household. But now we live in a matriarchy in which men are slaving mules without much of any kind of right to what naturally belongs to him, his authority and possession over his family. And so, in a patriarchy, a woman's and man's relationship is relatively symbiotic with both parties benefitting. In a matriarchy, women are generally just plain parasites leeching off the man's toil.

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Overly simplistic but definitely a major factor.

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You dropped your fedora.

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Marriage is an extremely unattractive proposition to the awakened man. Firstly, we live in what is basically a matriarchy. Women are ruling over men. Thus most women will ride the carousel and lose their virginity before even entertaining the idea of marriage. In times past, men expected only the following from a potential wife: that she be a virgin and otherwise chaste, that she be moderately attractive and that she submit to her husband. That's all. Two out of three of these requirements women very rarely fulfil today, and poor lifestyle choices are increasingly deteriorating even a woman's physical attractiveness.

Why marry when most women are damaged goods with massive baggage? When they do not know their place as submissive caretakers to a man? Woman's nature has always been to rebel against man and subvert his authority, and that is what has happened. The "red pilled" man knows that a woman will NEVER love her man, not like men are capable of loving their woman. At most she may respect him and thus treat him with a semblance of self-sacrificing love, which is naturally inherit only to a man. We no longer live in a patriarchy and thus there is nothing to ensure to a man a stable domestic life and well-behaved wife. What is the divorce rate nowadays? Close to 50%? And out of these divorces some 70-80% are filed by women, at least in most countries. Who usually benefits from the divorce? The woman of course. She often will be able to suck the man dry of his funds and even worse, take custody of the children - children being one of the only reasons a modern man should even consider pursuing a marriage.

So is it worth the gamble, the risk? I think not. This is not to say that it is impossible to find a half-way decent woman, but what are the odds and is the risk worth it? So many men think they know their woman only for her to unmask herself after decades of being together. Women are masters of manipulation and deception. You can never truly know what she's up to, especially now when there is nothing in society to keep her under control. Gone are punishments for adultery, gone are the public shaming and ostracization of the fallen woman. We live in a matriarchy. Men are but workhorses, mules.

My hope is, however, that it will be the dissatisfied and wronged men that will finally have enough and begin fighting against the oppressive antichrist system under which we live. Men need to stop obsessing over women and becoming plantation slaves to them and rather take the fight to the kike, the freemason and all the other antichrist scum that has enabled this current disaster.

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idk how anynone can downvote this

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take the fight to the kike


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The family unit is the bedrock of civilization. As the family goes, so goes the nation.

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once you go black the whites don't want you back.

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for comparison, what's the US number?

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Also by race... There is a ton of blacks who have kids outside marriage.

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Europe is about to erupt in a massive bloodbath and a running war in the streets for the next 50 years. I wouldn't worry about them anymore.

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White women have destroyed the white family.

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