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Credit where it's due: from '01-'10 Alex Jones was constantly going on about the NWO. In fact, it's probably the conspiracy theory most central to his reputation as a kook. Now we all talk about it like we discuss the weather. The more time goes by, the less crazy the dude appears.

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Or a way to discredit it because he also says crazy shit. He's a limited hangout who once tried to make the Jew and was quickly brought to heel.

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who once tried to make the Jew and was quickly brought to heel


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Says far more about you than about Jones, really.

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One of the best ways to discredit something is to speak the truth by someone who is speaking a lot of lies. If Jones says 90% bullshit, and 10% truth about the NWO, people just assume the 10% is bullshit.

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Alex Jones is a disinfo shill. Why is this so hard for people to figure out?

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don't forget Crypto-Jew

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Well, well, well.

Look who has suddenly come out with a voice...

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Rothschild rotten child in bed with the terroristic Saudis?

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fuck him

and his family's israel project


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Trump doesn't want his kids killed. He'll do whatever they tell him to.

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Trump was friends and business partners with Meyer Lansky.

He's an insider, but a different sort of insider IMO. I kind of believe he's sincere in his desire to roll back some of the globalist order, but that may be his role in the whole scheme.

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He wants the conservaJews to defeat the globalist Jews. I suspect he has designs to offer the conservaJews, who have done terrible things to us in the past, an opportunity to "go legit" not unlike what happened with NK.

The Pentagon is now being audited. The rogue intelligence agencies are being exposed. The Jewish media is being exposed. These Jewish implements must go, as part of the deal.

The conservative Jews accepted this deal because it means Trump does some of what they want in the Middle East. I don't trust them to keep their end of the bargain in the long run however.

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Either he did and bought humanity some time and breathing room, or he's a complete stooge and we've been fucked since before any of us were born. What I'm saying is-we can't know.

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It could all just be one hell of an act but I don't think so. He is setting the globalist agenda back a long time. It isn't just America either; many other countries are heading in the same direction as well. I don't know if that is partially due to Trump, Muslims everywhere, or what.

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Everything they are doing lately is in panic, you can tell none of their actions are well-thought out. They are creating laws that literally come back to bite them in the ass. It's hysterical.

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Good news.

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tell us more


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The "Lord"

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