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Liberal Logic: Our message to the people is so sound and so righteous that anyone who disagrees with it shall be met with exile from the community. But trust us, the people we outcasted are the enemies, not us. Also we won't tell you what or who they are, what they did to be outcasted, who they are connected to, what their purpose is, or any type of corresponding, relational information. Just trust us, they were evillllllll!!!

Later on: Why are we having such an issue with keeping users on our platform? I know, let's create a new chat tool (Disqus) and then ban the evil wrong thinkers from that platform as well. We don't have to control their site, but we can control their auxiliary services by kneecapping them at every turn!

Later Later on: Why is no one using our services anymore?! It's a mystery! The only logical thing to do is petition the govt to pay us to keep these services alive, and then force mandate people to use said service.

Later Later Later on: Now that our current vision is alive and kicking, we seem to be having issues finding engineers and developers want to work for Stalin 2.0 Net. Guess we should outsource everything to India and Malaysia

Later Later Later Later On: We have zero people who can pay for this service anymore, zero consumer base, and the entire development team stole the code and fucked off. This was completely fucking predictable by anyone with a brain, or any knowledge of outsourcing, but fuck them. We know better! And true outsourcing hasn't been tried yet, so this was supposed to be different! It seems in the process, the censorship caused a lot of core issues to be ignored, and the taxpayer base imploded from the bottom, we have no white people or asians left to pay for our utopia, and mexicans and shitskins are the vilest, most backstabbing people on earth. Fuck it, we'll leave and hope to god someone or something can fix this. But don't worry, when someone else comes in to fix the mess, we'll make sure to swoop in and try again, because our version of censorship and tolerance hasn't been tried before, and we need to do it again, but this time it will work because it will be different.

Later Later Later Later Later On: The entire galaxy explodes, and said vision never did come true


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So much later that the old narrator retired, and we had to hire a new one.