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I don't think that word means what you think it means.

Daily reminder that silencing your opposition is not exclusive to National Socialists or Italy's Fascists. These people are Marxists/Communists, whose predecessors basically perfected the art of silencing opposition through violence, censorship, financial restrictions etc.

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In fact, fascism doesn't even really come about except as a reaction to defend against Judeo-Marxism. If Judeo-Marxism never tried to subvert and destroy nations, fascism would likely also never arise.

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All I had to read was "fascist works for soros" and was like nope.

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"Fascist" is normiespeak for "authoritarian totalitarian", I think.

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that doesnt excuse the fuckwits participating in the marxist game of language disortion

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PLEASE STOP calling people like this Fascists. They are COMMUNISTS.

Stop giving Communists a free ride!

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and Jews

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You mean Communist.

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engage smile_routine3.exe

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He looks like a psychopath.

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a totally cucked one at that.

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Stop calling these Judeo-Marxist kikes "fascists", you're giving real fascists a bad name.

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With Tony Podesta as a former president also.

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Duh, why wouldn't they have Soros prints on them.

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Oh my fuck. That's how they'll do it with others. New media is looking to expand. We need to have someway of doing background checks.

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