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Why the fuck do they use ms to host a service said to be dedicated to free speech?

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Up and down and eat that glaze. In and out and diabetes.

Good workout plan.

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bu...but I am on a bulk...

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Weird analogy, but okay sure...

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Same reason voat was using Azure. Lack of foresight and industry experience.

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You don't need industry experience to know that counting on someone who's anti-free speech to host your free speech platform is not bound to go well.

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Azure is desperate for business. They know their services suck compared to GCP and AWS. They’re giving away free credits to snare startups at an early stage. They must think gab isn’t worth a shit because it doesn’t cater to the globalists, and they would be kind of right.

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Voat was using Azure? What's it on now?

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Just messaged Andrew. Seeing if he needs help to get it migrated off of windows architecture and into standardized containers to run.

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Gab is built on a LAMP stack why would you over engineer something so simple by adding Docker?

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Didn't voat do this for abit?

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Yes, and I would have though that gab dude would be at least intelligent enough to learn from the mistakes of others. Also, what sane person chooses "Azure" for hosting? Only the most idiotic retarded pointy haired boss types choose that overpriced excrement!

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Free speech platform and you decide to run it on Microsoft server...

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I guess that partly explains that sites abysmally slow page loads!

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To be fair their other options are what? Google? Maybe Amazon? All the big tech companies are owned by liberals.

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Lots of others beyond the borders of the NorCal Silicon Slum and Rainmond, WA Someone gave him this list already https://medium.com/@vanheusenmarty/5-alternatives-to-microsoft-azure-that-arent-aws-or-google-922101de64c6 Here are some others https://www.softwaretestinghelp.com/cloud-computing-service-providers/ Smaller companies do a better job of providing support usually. Most of the people at Google and Microsoft don't even have permanent US residency so it's not like they're really going to care if they do a good job.

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All the big tech companies are owned by liberals.

(((Liberals)))? Is that what we're calling them?

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What they want deleted:

How do these ziokikes work together? One tries to say something as offensive as possible to try to get as many people as they can to agree that it should be censored.

Then some action is taken, establishing that there's no room for free speech on Azure/Gabai/internet in general. Because they controlled both the parties being censored as well as the ones demanding censorship, they can choose the outcome with no surprises.

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The first post is clearly a joke. It's like saying you have a plan to Jurassic Park some dinosaurs up to eat all the Jews. His point is that if you want an eye for an eye for what the Jews have done to us historically, you're shit out of luck because there aren't enough Jews on Earth for a 1:1 revenge scenario.

The second post is irresponsible. However, people make all kinds of irresponsible threats through social media. They call for the killing of all white people on a daily basis and nothing ever happens to them. He is merely threatening property. And yet you and others are freaking out about it.

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How is it “irresponsible”?

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They don't even come up for me; just a blank screen. Did they fucking cave? gab.ai/Patrick_little works fine.

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I ugess they did delete them. Here is a summary


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I'm also getting a blank screen.

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Is anything he said actually wrong though?

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Can't seem to access the post, anyone else having that problem?

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I can't access the post either.

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It looks like they deleted them.

In one Patrick Little talked about wanting to damage holocaust memorials, in the other one he said he put on his Jew-hat, and came up with an idea for revenge on the Jews. He said he would establish a breeding facility for Jews and then torture them all to death, because only in that way could Jews suffer enough.

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Mark Anthony @markanthony

i'm surprised you hosted with msft Andrew. I am a developer of 30 years and I would have suggested a self contained app built on open source like node.js so you can move it anywhere. the hosting service should be just the container. msft is also the devil, i thought everyone knew that.

Well he's right

I went full linux years ago, and regarding available tools, in many instances it feels like going from this http://www.visordown.com/sites/default/files/news-images/bmw-s1000rr-superbike.jpg to this http://motorcycle.com.vsassets.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/101316-yamaha-2017_SR400_Black_4.jpg

But really I don't regret, I just don't want to rely on proprietary softwares for production, like not at all, not even one

Precisely for the exact same type of shit happening to gab, with proprietary software the rug can be pulled from under your feet overnight, and there's nothing you can do about it

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Seconded. The ease of use offered by commercial black box turn-key solutions always come at a price. I understand you can get your project off the ground faster if you outsource the heavy lifting to big firm's platform, but I've never liked the amount of leverage that gives them over you.

Working with FOSS can be a real pain in the ass sometimes, but at least you can always pick up your ball and go play somewhere else if your host turns into an asshole.

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I don't know about using Node.js. That was put together by a bunch of whack-jobs if I remember. I wouldn't be surprised if the license allows them to yank use at any moment. (Unless it's GPL.)

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Node.js is amazing https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Node.js

It's MIT type of license basically, "expat" license, while it started as BSD. it's compatible with GNU https://github.com/nodejs/node/blob/master/LICENSE



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Gab fucked up using azure. Never go full Microsoft.

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Voat used to use azure.

[–] kjell 1 points 17 points (+18|-1) ago 

And how did that work out?

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patrick little is asking people to join him in destroying a holocaust monument.

if that doesnt make people realize that hes a fbi/cia/jew plant then nothing will.

still pretty shit of microsoft to do this though but im sure its all planned out.

[–] lorlipone 2 points 8 points (+10|-2) ago 

My thoughts exactly. Little says a lot of the right stuff, but he's pretty obviously controlled opposition.

[–] Stormisbrewing 1 points 5 points (+6|-1) ago 

A better tactic would be to install a statue to Ernst Zundel across from a holohoax museum holding a sign that says, "Did 6 million really die?"

You know, pull off a stunt similar to Banksy. No one calls Banksy's art "vandalism".

[–] captainstrange 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago 

No the statue says "six million died in germany. millions more died at the hands of russian jews in ukraine."

Any politician that authorizes taking the statue down can be attacked as antisemitic, while anyone that wants it left up can ALSO be attacked as antisemitic.

Use their cards against them. Split their in-group in two, like alexander cutting the gordian knot.

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ya sorta peaceful too :)

[–] ErrorHasNoRights 1 points 4 points (+5|-1) ago 

Agreed... It doesn't get any more ridiculous than that.

It's okay to understand Jewish nepotism without being a full-fledged lunatic.

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Anyone asking people to destroy any monument is obviously a paid agent.

No sane unpaid activist would do that, ever.

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Y'know, I've been on Voat for quite some time, much of it lurking. There are a lot of people on Voat who seem to think of Microsoft as the "least bad" of the Big Five tech companies... even thinking of them quite positively even to this day.

Never mind that they have spent decades trying to force the PC platform into being the Windows platform.

Never mind that they have sought to bribe and extort their way to the top, rather than get there on the merits of their product.

Never mind that they have been at this for YEARS UPON YEARS before three of the Big Five existed and while Apple was still barely surviving selling an overpriced "computer experience" to yupees long before they became the cultist empire they are now.

Never mind that "embrace, extend, extinguish" has been their motto, and they have destroyed innovation with it, and continue to do so to this day (RIP handwriting recognition).

Never mind that they are a convicted monopolist.

Never mind that they have used the time since they got out from under the DOJ's thumb to make up for lost time in suppressing alternatives and taking over your PC, and have largely succeeded.

Never mind that they are currently turning our PCs into an Orwellian nightmare of standardized spyware that they can remotely control with a patch whenever they want.

Never mind that they got us used to this shit starting with "activating your OS" and "patch Tuesday" up until now when we're used to it, over the course of nearly 20 years, starting with XP.

Never mind that they want to move us out of owning our PCs, onto either their cloud and leaving us with fancy dumb terminals, or just having PCs that we paid for but that they effectively own, and are well on their way to making this dream happen.

Never mind that with their current setup you can be locked out of using their systems for writing things they don't like in a fucking word processor (Office 365), and that's just for starters.

Never mind that they have gone well out of their way to lock out other vendors from using PC hardware, particularly with post-Windows 10 revisions to the UEFI standard that will eventually and very obviously be used against third party OS's and other alternatives by preventing you from disabling their "security protections" by installing unsigned kernels and bootloaders.

Never mind that that is FAR from the first time they've tried this sort of strongarming, and will not be the last since this is part of their main MO and has been for decades.

Never mind that I've barely SCRATCHED THE SURFACE of all the shady, bad, illegal, and outright EVIL they've done as a matter of standard business conduct for FORTY FUCKING YEARS, all in the name of destroying technology they don't want and effectively owning every computer on the planet.

Never mind that them playing nice while the DoJ watched them duped a whole generation of developers into thinking they were sweetness and light, none of whom bother to look at the fucking history of the company that makes the most important component of their platform of choice and can pretty much bully all the others who make components into doing their bidding.

Never mind that they're strong enough that, due to my position, I have to make what will likely be a throwaway.

And what do these people do, these cheerleaders of Microsoft, who say they are the best of the Big Five and possibly the best tech company period?

They point to a flaccid tendency of Bing's censorship to not be quite as bad as Google (YET), and a handful of limp-wristed open source good-will movements that basically promise nothing while appearing to promise everything, and "embracing" Linux while ignoring the old phrase "embrace, extend, extinguish." Often they say "well Google/Facebook/Amazon" spy on you too, never mind that Microsoft puts their spyware IN YOUR COMPUTER whereas Google and the rest are still to some extent avoidable and not necessarily locally hosted unless you want them to be. Sometimes for good measure, they'll mutter something about Linux being terrible based on an experience they had with a broken install of some obscure one-off half-finished Linux distro from 1994 they tried on barely-functioning hardware.

Well, to all of you, I have but one question...


Or are you going to wait until you and/or your friends and family are going to be dragged off for "reeducation" because you posted something vaguely out of political correctness on one of their platforms (which by that time will be every consumer-facing Internet-connected device on the planet that Google and Apple don't control)?

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Most excellent post.

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Damn you know your shit about M$

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Myotherlogin - what do you recommend people use?

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Before I begin, there is a fact that you're going to have to accept.


"But muh -- " some might say. I repeat.


"BUT IT'S COMPROMISED BY THE (insert Democrats, Deep State, Russians, Chinese, NSA, EU, Jews, Vatican, Q, Bigfoot, Grays, Boy Scouts, my mother in law, etc. here)!!!"


If you cannot make peace with this then I suggest you turn off the computer, gather up all your computers and cell phones, throw them in the trash right this minute, and literally (and I don't mean that metaphorically, I mean LITERALLY) never, ever use another one of any of these devices for the rest of your life, because that's as close as you're going to get.

It shouldn't be this way. However, given the way technology has gone, we're lucky to have the choices we do have. If it weren't for a few quirks of history, including (but not limited to) decisions made about the openness of the original IBM 5150 PC and the openness of TCP/IP, we wouldn't be having this conversation. None of us could afford it, because the "competition" between Wang Laboratories dumb terminals and Oracle "Network Computer" dumb terminals would ensure that, if we chose the "interact with other users" package ($59.95/month), we would not be able to afford the low, low price of $4/minute to post (subject of course to government monitoring and approval).

That out of the way, I'll begin.

My recommendation is simple and cliche - use Linux.

Specifically a variation of Ubuntu Linux. My favorite is Ubuntu MATE because I think Gnome is poor tabletware produced by SJWs, and feels more like a straightjacket to use than anything, I literally get claustrophobic in some regards.

Why Ubuntu, you might ask? Well, simple. Although they have a few holes in their track record, they are still pretty easily the most compatible distro by a considerable margin, and I'd say it's the most likely to work with most people's computers.

While some people have a bad experience with Linux, others have an experience where it pretty much Just Works. Simple fact of the matter is that if you're serious about it you may have to shell out a few dollars to buy a machine that's more directly known to be compatible with Linux rather than whatever crapware chip was shoved into your machine that nobody bothered to write a driver for on Linux. Believe me, it is MUCH better than it used to be in that regard. I'd recommend hardware that's been out for a year or more so that driver devs have had a better chance to write some decent drivers for it.

If you're looking to run Linux and need a new machine, target one that is known to run Linux well. Linux is not perfect and frankly the devs have to do most things for themselves, so buying stuff no Linux kernel dev has ever been able to touch because it's been on the shelf for two days and/or comes from some no-name in China that's probably got spyware baked into the chipset is not going to serve you well at all. In fact it's probably best to avoid that anyway because being an early adopter usually means that if it breaks you get to keep both pieces. That tidbit has little to do with Linux or Windows or any of that, it's just common sense.

If you are technically inclined enough, you may think that going with ubuntu is bullshit. Well, fair enough, one of the good things about Linux is that there are a lot of different versions of it. If you are more technically inclined, Debian might be a better bet. If you're REALLY technically inclined and you don't need huge amounts of convenience (or more accurately can put together your own), Slackware or Gentoo might be a better option, as these are about as raw and controllable as it gets short of a Linux From Scratch approach (which can be done, if you want, it is viable, but it's a massive PITA). If you're brave, Deuvan (Debian fork without systemd) could use additional users; they're trying something pretty brave here with bucking the trend.

I would not recommend Linux Mint. It seems to do everything Ubuntu does, but it manages to do it a little worse in just about every regard, with some oddities cropping up fairly often. It's usable, and it's not really horrible, but I just wouldn't recommend it.

I would stay far away From Red Hat. They fund Gnome's bullshit, among other things, and are SJWs themselves as I recall. They also aren't as good at Just Working as Ubuntu tends to be. Also, most of these distros are not perfect, and systemd is of questionable value at best. But it's better than a lot of stuff out there, and it generally works well enough. SuSE does not strike me as being as bad as Red Hat, but still, it's not the highest on my list of choices.

Keep an eye on Qubes OS, I very, very strongly believe that they're going places, and that their approach will probably eventually become standard even if Qubes OS itself falls by the wayside. If you're brave, try it out for yourself; I haven't, but I plan to, and it's mostly that I just haven't had a chance to sit down and do it. Also keep an eye on RISC V systems, because there are a lot of companies who don't like Intel or AMD in their business, either, so I suspect that it may end up becoming a serious threat to the x86 hegemony sooner or later. It's already weakened by ARM. Speaking of ARM, keep an eye out for "maker" boards like the Raspberry Pi. Soon they'll be powerful enough to give a decent desktop experience with Linux, and although they're imperfect (GPU blob, anyone?), they may be good enough to support basic functioning if the situation worsens significantly. They may not always do so, but they may surprise you as well. As far as I am aware, the more recent Raspberry Pi's actually have software for a full-blown desktop, but it's lackluster if you use too many programs at once, so most people wouldn't want to use it except for very basic tasks.

Although Android is a version of Linux, I'd also stay away from it, not that this should be at all surprising. Although IMO stock Android probably doesn't have a whole lot in terms of spyware, nobody actually SHIPS stock Android on real production phones or tablets. They just beta test on it, usually on the emulators in the Android development tools. Everyone ships Android on devices after it has been modified in whatever ways they want, including stuffing in spyware.

Continued in Child Post...

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Microsoft is still better than Apple because Apple's CEO likes to put his dick in another man's asshole.

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Voat, 4chan, The_Donald, Discord Channels, Facebook Groups, and Conservative YouTubers are all next.

[–] digix 1 points 8 points (+9|-1) ago 

4chan, Discord, Facebook, Reddit and YouTube have already been compromised a long time ago. If you still visit any of those platforms for political assembly or right-wing ideology you are doing it wrong.

[–] ctr_pls_go 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago 

As long as your goal is for your ideology to remain in the fringes and gain as little exposure as possible, then yes, you are correct - mainstream websites should be avoided.

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Voat hasn't used Azure for a while, but yes, the cost of freedom is eternal vigilance.

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