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One can absolutely prove that the Talmud does not state what you claim it says.

For anyone who is not a Talmudic scholar, your claims have no more weight than Shahak's.

Okay, I will break it down for you, since you evidently don't understand this simple concept: The talmud is a collection of books. Books are a tangible thing, not some abstract concept. Books contain words. Often there are a lot of words in books, but there is always a finite amount of then. You can search through these words to test your claim and you will find that the claim is bullshit. No need for your appeal to authority fallacy.

There, this was nice and simple, even you should understand.


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You people also claim that it doesn't say Jesus is being boiled alive in excrement in hell.


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Pathetic attempt to changing the subject with a very transparent strawman argument.