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I want to beat all these stupid idiots with a bat. Hate crime!!! A black doll on a noose that two black kids hanged up to blame whitey. It was a prank. They didn't know the implications. blah blah blah. Let's all sing kumbaya now and draw hearts on the pavement. Meanwhile black youth are robbing, raping, and killing down the street. No hate crime there. No problems there. No problem with over hundred black kids rioting in the street and robbing convenient stores.

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You talkin about Chicongo?

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Voat attacked by shareblue again? The string of posts seems coordinated.

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Saufsoldat and Diogenes are known zionist shills. Could even be the same person using multiple accounts. Look at Saufsoldat's scores after three years! He's very unpopular.

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If you are a Talmudic scholar you can back up your claim of what is written with a source; unless you are full of shit.

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Ron Unz comments on what Israel Shahak describes as "mainstream Talmudic doctrine" in an article here:

Both are Jewish: http://www.unz.com/runz/american-pravda-oddities-of-the-jewish-religion/

The article covers a lot, so do a search for the above quote to find the paragraph.

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That article is filled with so many outright lies that its galling.

It says that the Talmud has multiple gods in it, both male and female. Thats 100% bullshit. If anything, its proof the author has no fucking idea what he is talking about.

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This is the perhaps best way you"deal with" these talmud-reading uppity arrogant kike big-noses. Awesome video I love it when the rocket lands nearby an they all scream like stuck pigs "on cue" for the videotaping propagandist. ('the jew cries out in pain when he strikes you') https://twitter.com/AAhronheim/status/1027246281951989765/video/1

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This isn't a contradiction, the jews lie to us about them not being between apes and humans in order to feed them into the conveyor belt of society and jam up the works. then once everything is broken and worthless as a result, then the jew buys everything for pennies and now the jew owns everything.

"Want to fix things and change things for the better? you don't have the right to do that you filthy criminal, that's private property! hands off the pile of shit that your country has become, because it isn't your country anymore goy, we bought it! it's ours now fair and square and if we want to keep it a pile of shit for all time then that's our right to!"

TL;DR jew uses nigger to destroy the world, then buy the world to prevent anyone from reversing the damage in order to be kings of the shit pile.

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The Jewish Talmud says blacks are "between apes & humans"

You got a source for that? I tried a few search engines and none came up with anything close to this claim. It seems people can say literally anything about the talmud and voat will believe it.

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Ron Unz comments on what Israel Shahak describes as "mainstream Talmudic doctrine" in his article here:

Here you go: http://www.unz.com/runz/american-pravda-oddities-of-the-jewish-religion/

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CTRL+F " apes "

0 matches

Well who would have guessed it, you're still full of shit. Do you even know what quotation marks are used for?

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That’s because jews are between apes and humans, too, and they know it. It’s why they try to control White Civilization.

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There are made-up quotes from "Guide For the Perplexed, Book III, Chapter 51" (not the Talmud) about Turks acting like animals, but if you actually read the source, these chapters are entirely concerned with philosophy and have nothing even remotely close to this quote. What is the motivation for Muslim propagandists to be lying to you, and why are you blindly accepting it? Why is OP accusing anyone who calls him out on his BS of "pilpot"?

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Are you saying anyone who criticizes Israel or the Jews is a Muslim propagandist? I suppose Jews are virtuous angels who never do anything wrong and their holy books and interpretations of such are free of horrid things, such as saying Christ is being boiled alive in excrement in Hell?

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Also note that in the comparative story of a black who killed a white man and had his murder 1 charge dropped to murder 3, it's the DA (((Larry Krasner))) who made the call to do so.