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Very true. Alex is the guy that woke a lot of people up. Even though he left the Zionistas alone, he probably realized if he named them he was finished. His readers would figure the rest out on their own, and we did. One thing for sure, without Alex Jones there would be no MAGA, no wall and no President Trump. Alex has been spot on for a long time. Let's see if his listeners give enough of a fuck about him to rattle some commie chains.

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Woah. A comment about Jones that makes sense and doesn't scream "WHY WON'T HE NAME THE JOOOOOOWS."

Have an upgoat.

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I'll give Jones credit. He was a big part of my red-pilling also, not ashamed to admit it. I'd been watching his low budget videos since even before 9/11 (most of them had similar content, similar format). The guy is fairly entertaining and is good at what he does, definitely has an audience.

I read somewhere that he himself has said that it's entertainment, and that no reasonable person would believe the stuff he reports on. Maybe this was just a statement to the court to get out of hot water, I don't know. He probably has his own agenda which is fine. I seriously doubt he is a paid shill or a plant or deliberate disinfo. Most likely he's just trying to earn a living.

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His wife alleged it was all an act. He admits sometimes he gets worked up to make a point, and he does silly bits to keep it entertaining during the long shows.

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Look at it from Alex's point of view. If he named the Jew, his media empire was finished. That would be the excuse the left needed to shut him down completely. So he's been careful to tip-toe around the Jewish question. He mentions Israel from time to time, as a foreign nation, but he never alludes to Jewish power in America. Israeli influence is not the same as Jewish power. One is the influence of a foreign nation, the other is a traitorous Fifth Column within. Alex could never talk about what the Jews have done to America, even if he himself fully understood it (and I'm not sure he has ever fully grasped just how harmful Jews have been to America, and to the Western world).

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Calling out the jews would only hurt Alex Jones brand, because then the media can safely call him a Nazi. He broadly calls them globalists. Antony Sutton referred to them as international bankers. The Jews are part of the old world order. Its suppose to be the Chinese century with the NWO. Jews aren't the only problem American has.

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Anyone else angry as fuck?

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I expected this, but not in a tired, weary way. He knew what was coming. He's handling it with the appropriate amount of beard growth. Alex will be alright because he has his own platform and his own audience. From his point of view, this is indeed outrageous in a political sense. But from a communications sense, he was worse off on shortwave.

Alex Jones will be alright because he's good enough often enough in his market. Who knows what Rense has been banned from, because nobody knows who he is, though he has been around forever, has good content and pulls some big names.

Youtube doesn't matter. Google doesn't matter. A channel which is temporarily greased, allowing content to slide to us freely, will eventually rust shut. It is good while it lasts. Let us plan for the future.

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Don't be angry. This has been the most successful publicity stunt that InfoWars could've ever hoped for. They have more eyes and more donations flowing in than they ever had before. All they lost was fucking YouTube and facebook- they made some money on YT, but more of their investments were elsewhere.

And if being thrown off of YT does destroy someone, you deserved to be destroyed for placing your future in the hands of a company like YT. Nobody seems to be holding Jones responsible- he has been laying in bed with snakes for years, talking shit on them and trying to piss them off, and suddenly he gets bit and becomes a victim? He should've never been bedding snakes to begin with.

We all know YT/FB are scummy, fag-run bullshit companies. We knew for years how they felt about conservatives. But conservatives refused to bite the bullet and file for divorce. It's kind of pathetic how dependent people allow themselves to become on social media.

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I don't care about Alex Jones. I care that common denominator people won't just stumble across his stuff or anyone else's stuff that isn't per the Soviet Socialist Republic of Jewnet incorporated.

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In silence from the (((platforms))) which we are too stupid and lazy to tear ourselves way from, he has a name: seed man.

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Where's the video of him saying this?

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link please?

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Alex Jones needs to fight the crooks at Sandy Hook and not back pedal

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