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"We've have had these niggers voting Democrat at a rate of 98% for two decades now. Fuck pandering to them. Let's get 98% of the illegal spics now" -- Every Democrat Everywhere

Now the stupid fucking niggers feel abandoned. You niggers elected this government, reap what you sow.

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They voted Democrat since 1933.

They're the home of Saul Alinsky and neighborhood activism based on Al Capone's mob techique where he gave out milk to kiddies so the parents would look the other way while he abused people.

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And Weather Underground, Obama's commie cronies.

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Plenty of fucking shitty-ass crackers white as rice, rich, sassy, and oozing self-righteous social-justice sweat help dumbass niggers vote in nasty cancers like Chicago's mayor- a creature which would NEVER receive a single vote from a cultured black who views nigger thugs and cracker snot sjw's as the societal disease they are.

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Gazillions, I've never been to chicago, but I remember friends back in the 60s talking about corruption in their hometown. I think Mayor Daley (the father) was running everything. Chicago was gangster land in the 20s/30s or so. Think Elliott Ness and AL Capone. I'm not sure the voters are the problem, with the exception of the dead voters. I'm sure the voters had a choice between Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee.

Edit: If you're not an American, or if you're a victim of our current education cabal, here's a quick description. See Corruption section. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Political_history_of_Chicago

E: As long as I'm in my "mom mode," I might as well add this little tidbit. Or just search keywords Chicago Machine or Democrat Machine" https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.dnainfo.com/chicago/20161019/downtown/vote-rigged-elections-history-fraud-stolen-trump.amp

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Chicago has always been a corrupt city full of grifters.

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Voltronsdick, run for office then!

We'll do the ol "convert to charter city" ploy and then vote for our own raises.

Funnel the extra pay into doing the same thing, getting others elected and flipping seats, city by city, state by state.

Like a wrecking ball.

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Rham Emmanuel does not serve Chicago; he serves israel.

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I'm surprised people havent really looked into rahm more. Even his family is an untapped gold mine of potential red flags. Ever seen the tv show Entourage? One of the most notable characters is the agent Ari Gold. A loud mouthed asshole. Directly based on agent Ari Emmanuel. At the end he becomes the biggest agent in the world. Ari Emmanuel ended up the biggest agent in the world. They actually toned the character down on the tv show. Ari is like if a douche was sentient. CEO of William Morris Endeavor. Know who terry crews is? Action star and former nfl player. He was sexually assaulted by an executive of WME and came out with his story. He was threatened if he didn't drop the lawsuit he'd be kicked off The Expendables franchise, and sure enough he was.

WME also known as WME-IMG has an EXTREMELY large amount of power. They own UFC. They represent fhe NFL and NHL and miss universe. They have their own "school" called IMG Academy in Florida where they take highschool kids and "train" them to become professional and college athletes.

They represent just about everything you could imagine with a death grip on things throughout the sports, tv, model, film, and music industry

Comparatively if Ari Emmanuel were to switch places with Rahm he'd probably be much less powerful than he actually is.

With his hands in so many pies and his agency already known to hurt people's careers for telling others they were sexually assaulted by creepy gay execuitives how many skeletons do you think that psycho has in his closet?

WME-IMG is protecting a gay executive that has a thing for juiced up muscly football players, who assaulted crews in a way that suggests it's commonplace for him. Meanwhile they have a school where people send their 14 and 15 yr old kids to live at to become juiced up muscly football players because the academy is the best way to become a highly ranked D-1 football recruit. Seems odd.

Thats just one aspect though. All the prospective models and actors and whatnot. I'd bet WME-IMG is at the center of the whole Hollywood sex abuse thing but theyre protected because Aris brother is Rahm and both are so in bed with Israelis it's not even funny

Edit: his other brother Eziekiel is a senior fellow at the leftist advocacy group Center for American progress. Also a bioethicist which basically is a bullshit term for pushing a liberal viewpoint under the guise of science or "ethics in biology" arguing for abortion and trannies and shit

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And depopulation. If I remember correctly Zeke crafted the more evil sections of Obama-doesn't-care. Those sections are hidden away from public view waiting for the election that didn't happen in 2016. Very evil stuff - mostly to be enacted on childten under two and adults of a certain age.

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Good. I think you know this but, anyway: though a US citizen he went to Israel and volunteered for the Israeli Defense Force. He was Obongo's very first appointee, becoming the Kenyan's chief of staff. Then he stepped down to become mayor of Chicago and to do everything in his power to incite riot in that city. His allegiance to Israel and its agenda to immerse the US in civil war is abundantly clear. I've never heard it mentioned, though it is almost certain that he has two passports, since any jew can be a citizen of the US and of Israel at the same time. I have one passport and pledge allegiance to one country—the US—and one president: Donald J Trump. The Kenyan president and the joke that came before him did not have my allegiance. His father was a zionist who fought against the British for a piece of stinking desert.

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He serves the Democratic Socialist movement which involves many Jews who harbor nothing but ill will toward their homeland. Jews hating Jews is as common as goddamn sandwiches.

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Their homeland is America, the traitorous fucks.

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"There's too much bloodshed in the Afr-i-can- Amer-i-can Comm-un-ity"

Well. would could we do about that?

Blame Whitey?

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I guess if it wasn't so dangerous they could march where everybody be shootin". No. Much safer to march on the North East side of town where it's safe and ask for the Jew (who did none of the shooting, BTW) to resign.

I think if Trump intervened it wouldn't be with midnight basketball programs and federal checks to black leaders. More like national guard shoot to kill orders. He could clean up a lot of the problem in month.

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How retarded is it to march in a relatively crime-free area to protest the fact that the other areas are crime-ridden?

Wouldn't it make more sense for law-abiding citizens to make a show of force and solidarity by marching right down the worst blocks, shoulder to shoulder, shouting "Criminals do not run this street!"?

But they'd never do that. Most of the nogs being interviewed in this footage have thug family members that they'd have to confront if they wanted to do something about crime, and that would involve admitting that "We didn't do a good job as a community". They simply cannot do that. It has to be someone else's fault.

So why not blame the (((white))) mayor? I guarantee you that none of those niggers know he's actually a jew, but that's irrelevant- they're gonna get pissed at the mayor, a man who has likely never fired a gun, for the dozens of shootings every weekend? Those shootings are being performed by the brothers, boyfriends, and sons of the nogs being interviewed, not the fucking mayor. The mayor is a lump of shit, no doubt, but he probably didn't kill anyone directly.

The solution to all of this is simple. Turn this energy that they're wasting on marching and making noise inward and start taking some fucking pride in your neighborhood. And I'm not talking nigger-style "pride" (Reppin' my block, nikka!), but genuine pride in how your street looks, how safe your children/wives are when they walk outside, how few robberies take place, how few drug dealers operate in the area, and so forth.

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I like that solution. These killer gangs are sub-humans. Decent black people would agree.

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Well they could blame whitey as long as they're a bit more specific. White Irishmen like the Dead Daley is a good target however Dead White Cracker President LBJ would probably be a better Whitey to blame. LBJ changed welfare so that any single mom could get it. I think it was for widows with children before that. Well the details may have been different from what I remember, but somehow it became easier to get gibs and more gibs and even MORE gibs for having more kids. So LBJ and his buddies are directly responsible for some of this black mob and crime. It goes back to these people's grandparents. Whitey paid them to procreate when under normal conditions they would not be able to afford or care for chillen. But you goats know all this. I'll try to come up spiffy one-liners in future more like 1Sorry_SOB.

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Call in the national guard, they should be well equipped in handling Chicago after the 20 years in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=A8nDHX0_3fc :

Chicagoans Make Desperate Plea To Trump, Blame Mayor For Only Caring About ‘Non-Citizens’ - YouTube

This has been an automated message.

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This spiel that the problems in South Chicago has to do with corrupt Chicago politics is only part of the story. People tend to forget that Chicago is an important stop for the Drug Trade and Chicago is sort of a Canaan for illegal immigrants/Mexican drug dealers. Latin Kings is pretty prominent in Chicago.

Again, one could treat this situation as South Chicagoans blaming their corrupt governments that they have heavily supported for their own internal problems, which the government of Chicago only encourages.

They have a point, but if they can make this point, and I know this is difficult for everyone, maybe they should start looking at their own problems and trying to resolve it before they go about blaming someone else.

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When your former, avowed political enemies come begging for your help, and rioted in the streets to protest the fact that you still breathe air, and then you turn around and show them what it means to be a man....


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I'll stand with those blacks that only want peaceful streets. Only Jews want races to fight. People of all races just want what's best for their own people. I wish no harm on any black person that wishes no harm on me.

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