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Israel needs war with Iran immediately, otherwise there’s a good chance Iran and Syria could bitch slap israel, with some help from the palestinians and Hezbollah.


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The Palestinians are not going to make up the bulk of the resistance against Israel(they have been neutralized by Jordan and embraced Israel's rule of domination(ever wonder why the new president of Israel is calling for a two state solution, well it already exists de facto and all they are doing is officially recognizing it while at the same time calling for the recognition of Israel as a Jewish state).

The main bulk of the resistance would come from Syria and Hezbollah with Iranian support(the Iranians would not be stupid enough to risk direct confrontation with Israel).

Hezbollah got away with doing the impossible in 2006 because the international community knew they were in the right and that Israel was trying to legitimize their control over that Golan Height region, which is illegally in their possession. Its a cluster fuck over there and to be honest we should be more interested in toning down the power of the Sunnis before we start thinking about how to deal with Israel. Its not just Israel who needs war with Iran but also the neocons who were driving for war in Iraq(at least in the case of Iraq it gave us an opportunity to weaken Sunni power(which it did), to ally with the Kurds over oil(which we did a piss poor job of doing), and putting in a better leadership(which we did a horrible job of and were probably better off keeping Saddam Hussein, which at least Syria and Hezbollah would agree with).


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You know that Iran has no border with Israel, right? Also, please take a brief look at the history of Israel and its wars. Arab nations have tried with bigger coalitions and technological advantage, but they still couldn't do it.

Israel could easily bomb both Syria and Iran back to the stone age. Even people who hate Israel have to acknowledge this fact.


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They are not so